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Two WRF-EnKF experiments are conducted: one assimilating all conventional in situ and remotely sensed data for the operational GFS analysis [WRF(conv)], except for clear-sky satellite radiances but including atmospheric motion vectors; the other the same as WRF(conv) but also assimilating GOES16 all-sky satellite radiances [WRF(GOES16+conv)].
We assimilate TAMDAR observations on a 1 km WRFARW domain using observation nudging to investigate the potential value of TAMDAR in high-resolution simulations and explore the issues associated with assimilating single-level above-surface observations.
Across groupings (different ages, majors, genders, and delivery type), assimilating was the most common learning preference, followed closely by converging.
Ultimately, Hamermesh and Trejo postulate that there are high costs to assimilating: they involve leaving the familiarity of one's own cultural and economic mindset and adopting the customs of a new country.
Dawson shows that these divergent understandings had begun to unravel the indigenist project by the late 1930s, even before Cardenas's successors backed away from the ideal of either assimilating or uplifting native peoples, preferring instead to convert the Department of Indigenous Affairs into an enclave for patronage appointments and half-measures.
Other challenges included assimilating data from a variety of formats--including paper records from older surveys--and compensating for subtle changes over the years in Earth's overall magnetic field.
The middle layer of Curry's model concerns an individual's intellectual approach to assimilating information and encompasses many of the learning style theories that are currently popular.
Brodie doesn't gloss over the downside and hardships of assimilating women into the macho culture of VMI.
Next Wave's mission, to present "contemporary work that repositions our understanding of these specific art forms," is attained by the union of Ek and Lyon Opera Ballet dancers, who, despite ballet training, are accustomed to assimilating the different styles of contemporary choreographers.
Jews are assimilating into the American melting pot, much in the pattern of other immigrant groups.
[ready] to take up the business of assimilating white behavioral codes and intellectual fare." Baker then describes how this energy was translated into a burgeoning movement of student activism and how the "moral panic" on the part of university administrations led to the creation of more than 200 Black Studies departments by 1973.
Conversely, Northern painters and artisans often traveled to Italy, if seldom assimilating the outlook until the sixteenth century.