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But those who do take part in assimilating activities tend to spend more time on them than natives.
Dawson shows that these divergent understandings had begun to unravel the indigenist project by the late 1930s, even before Cardenas's successors backed away from the ideal of either assimilating or uplifting native peoples, preferring instead to convert the Department of Indigenous Affairs into an enclave for patronage appointments and half-measures.
Those assimilating the comprehensive information found in Giotto to Durer may deservedly consider themselves well on the way to being truly knowledgeable in the area of European painting from the early fourteenth to the early sixteenth centuries.
Black nationalist scholars have often criticized African-American leaders, such as those at the heart of Rael's study, for assimilating into mainstream white culture and not developing a broad based critique of liberal-capitalist values.
Without wanting to reduce Neuenschwander's art to her famous predecessors' productions or to the modernist discourse of antropofagia, one cannot help but note, given her snails and "edible" letters, the presence of this typically Brazilian theme in her work: forms "eating" each other, continually incorporating, digesting, or assimilating others.
Building that order will require treating nations outside of it as "aggressors," and forcibly assimilating them.
A: On the whole, immigrants are assimilating, as they did in the past.
It's theater by the people, for the people--the only way to change art is to make it more accessible," says Landry, whose 15 plays--including Rosemary's Baby: The Musical and Joan of Arkansus--are designed to question gender stereotypes and the assimilating gay culture.
This is no longer the grim enclave of bachelors who dug their heels into lower Manhattan because they were prevented from assimilating.
The risks and uncertainties that may affect forward-looking statements include, among others: poor product sales, long sales cycles, difficulty developing new products, difficulty in relationships with vendors and partners, higher risk in international operations, difficulty assimilating future acquisitions, difficulty managing rapid growth, and increased competition.