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Some 70 years later, when we actually must ``waste half our juice'' in Los Angeles assimilating ever more immigrants - both legal and illegal - into our schools, keeping track of a burgeoning youth population, and accommodating even high-school-age immigrant kids still illiterate in their native language, is it any wonder that our schools are not ``doing so well?
The conventional judgment as to whether immigrants or their descendants are assimilating is usually based on how much of their native cultural heritages they have discarded and how culturally "American" they seem.
Art Lopez said his office has done a preliminary report on assimilating other law enforcement agencies and that the proposal is ``under consideration'' in the department.
At InClose, Berry will be in charge of expanding key relationships, in addition to assimilating the InClose sales force with that of the company's newly acquired PCI I/O leader, Antares Microsystems.
Many developing and even established companies often have late filings due to assimilating recent foreign acquisitions into existing financials, assessing valuation of loans and debentures, and often awaiting written verifications from creditors, accounts receivable, and also finalizing proper valuation of major settled lawsuits.
At Lyondell he was instrumental in assimilating a multibillion dollar acquisition and building a unified legal department with personnel in the US and abroad.
Factors that could cause actual results to differ from those contained in the forward-looking statements include the ability of the parties to complete and close the acquisition, the difficulty in assimilating American IC Exchange's operations and workforce, demand for the combined entity's products/services, the increasingly competitive and constantly changing environment for the products/services offered by NECX.
Factors that could cause or contribute to such differences include our lack of prior experience in assimilating acquired entities, difficulties in retaining key employees of InfoWide, difficulties in assimilating and integrating acquired technologies and products, and distraction of our management team.
Spell continued, "Our goal in assimilating the two businesses is to make any changes transparent and seamless to our customers.
The suit further alleges that TRC misrepresented its progress in assimilating its largest acquisition, Renal Treatment Centers, which led to huge and unexpected charges against revenue.
Field Force Automation (FFA) is targeted to today's executives and managers charged with assimilating mobile technology into the business processes of the enterprise.