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The following sections move into the ontological and epistemological issues of organizational assimilation and humor.
Although the importance of crystal differentiation appears established, the impact of assimilation and effect of volatiles on magma compositions requires further consideration.
The celebration of diversity, acceptance of multiculturalism, and the more modest place of patriotism and nationalism all make assimilation a different, if not necessarily more difficult, process.
this itt is about activities to support and further develop the modelling and data assimilation aspects of the cams regional air quality production, Which is based upon a geographically distributed ensemble of 7 to 10 individual operational systems.
This book introduces a new method of data assimilation with deterministic constraints--an optimal assimilation strategy called Forecast Sensitivity Method (FSM)--as an alternative to the 4D variational data assimilation method.
In addition, by including boundary values in the control vector, and hence allowing them to be adjusted a posteriori, the assimilation should also tend to suppress boundary artifacts.
Much scholarship has been devoted to the border struggles in Carinthia between Austria and Yugoslavia, he says, but the politics of assimilation have attracted little attention.
Most general weather centres such as ECMWF (European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts), Met Office (UK's national weather service), Japan Meteorological Agency, and Environment Canada already use the ASCAT data in the data assimilation process.
We have great cooperation and haven't mentioned anything about party assimilation.
At the same time, they also find evidence of assimilation.
Multiculturalism as a priority of the state began, of course, as a critique of theories and doctrines of assimilation or integration that either denied status to the group membership of individuals ("difference blindness") or sought to reserve the public sphere as the space of equal citizens, relegating group affinities, especially religious belief, to a private ethical domain.
For this immigration reading of this narrative I employ assimilation theory.