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To measure downward assimilation, the study employed an index of items indicative of downward assimilation.
Assimilation of the atlas may be partial or complete.
The training kit included topics pertaining to introducing the Equal Opportunities Units (EOUs), the concept of assimilation of women's needs in development, invitation skills, garnering support aimed to pave the way for EOUs to function in the various governmental ministries and departments.
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Research on this more recently labeled straight-line assimilation model (see Portes & Rumbaut, 2005) has not fully confirmed the idea.
These competitive grant opportunities are open to organizations that prepare lawful permanent residents for naturalization and promote civic assimilation through increased knowledge of English, U.S.
Peretz was quickly challenged by Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz who argued that not only is "assimilation not a critical problem" but that "we must stop looking down on Jews who live in America." He added that not all Jews define their Jewishness via faith and many view their Jewish identity as a cultural and historical one.
Recent studies have shown that dominant sources of uncertainty in hurricane intensity and structure prediction for lead times of 3-5 days primarily come from poor initialization of the hurricane vortex which could be alleviated via high-resolution inner-core observations and/or efficient data assimilation methodologies, and from global models which could be due to the lack of a fine-resolution grid mesh that can resolve the eye-wall and secondary circulations.
"ChinaaACAOs systematic assimilation policy towards Uighur Turks is a great embarrassment for humanity," Anadolu Agency quoted Turkey's Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) as saying.
Acquisition and assimilation of remote sensing data have been a common procedure for both meteorology and oceanography.
In this special issue, we collect 8 papers that cover the regional observing system sampling and impact, quality control of observations in regional details, assimilation of nonconventional observations, improved assimilation method, and advanced assimilation strategy as well as parameter estimation for local regional phenomena.
In addition, by including boundary values in the control vector, and hence allowing them to be adjusted a posteriori, the assimilation should also tend to suppress boundary artifacts.