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Estimating the state of a system by combining observations and models, commonly referred to as data assimilation (Wunch, 2006), is an example of a control problem--how should the control variables of the model (i.
In addition, by including boundary values in the control vector, and hence allowing them to be adjusted a posteriori, the assimilation should also tend to suppress boundary artifacts.
The assimilation significantly reduces the mismatch to the observations, relative to both the unconstrained ROMS simulation and the HY COM reanalyzes (Fig.
The added value of the assimilation is that it provide a solution that is consistent with the observations and reduces inconsistencies at the open boundaries.
Tis is not always the case, however, and such assimilations may need to be avoided in lyric diction, especially when the lyrics unfold slowly.
English continues to evolve in terms of its socially condoned assimilations.
Tese assimilations are obligatory in standard Italian, while the following three are optional, albeit frequently encountered:
All assimilations are executed for a 58-day period from 4 April through 31 May 2011.
See the sidebar for an introduction to data assimilation and its diagnostics, including first-guess departures and forward models for observations.
Within one day, the data assimilation interprets the large first-guess departures in HIRS channel 12 as forecast errors and then immediately as bias corrections in all of the passive operational sounders of upper tropospheric water vapor.