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346) The difficulty with these justifications is that the costs of environmental degradation are a function of societal values and other elements of assimilative capacity which vary from nation to nation.
17) Thus, countries with similar assimilative capacities might choose different levels of environmental quality.
Individuals in this study who responded to a lack of support in their work environment with assimilative coping strategies displayed higher levels of perceived job stress.
Hypothesis 1: A firm's assimilative capability will be positively related to the value of the acquisition.
For 4x3 ANOVA design, learning styles of the prospective teachers described as assimilative, divergent, convergent, and accommodative, and perceived computer competency levels of the prospective teachers determined as novice, intermediate, and competent were considered as the independent variables of the study.
Assimilative difficulties centered on religion and politics, including education.
If there is no legal, binding, defection of Hinduism, who will comment on its assimilative definitions adopted by the Sangh Parivar.
Basically, the Precautionary Principle marks a shift in the international environmental thinking and jurisprudence from Assimilative capacity principle to Precautionary Principle.
Additionally, for resource extension acquisitions, we find that acquisition performance outcomes vary by the assimilative capacity of the firm and the extent of experience in acquisitions at the firm and business group level.
The assimilative capacity of the waste treatment plant in Sidon is 250 tons per day, given the amount that is currently being treated coming from Sidon, the Sidon Zahrani Municipalities Union, and the Ain al-Hilweh and Mieh Mieh camps," Saudi said.
As the illness progresses and the family moves from an assimilative stance to an accommodative stance, and as problem solving moves from emotional problem solving to reflective problem solving, the possibility of benefit finding and PTG emerge.