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Then concrete experience scores is subtracted of the abstract conceptualization scores and the reflective observation scores is subtracted of the active experimentation scores, that these scores (AC-CE, AE-RO) represents the four learning styles: assimilator, diverger, converger, and accommodator [13].
Using the same general model, Marge Philbin, Elizabeth Meier, Sherri Huffman, and Patricia Boverie found that male students were predominately assimilators, whereas only about one-fifth of females preferred assimilating ("A Survey of Gender and Learning Styles," Sex Roles, vol.
Assimilator - this type of learner learns through lectures, writing papers, building models, creating projects, and developing analogies to problems.
For the assimilator style, the opposite pattern was observed in that there were significantly more students in FENS (35%) compared to FASS and FMAN (22.
Kolb (1984) identified four learning styles; namely, diverger, assimilator, converger, and accommodator.
Linear and branching formats in culture assimilator training.
But now, the truest thing that I can say about the Mississippi is this: it is the Great Assimilator.
The hallowed republican function of woman as cultural assimilator, however, proved to be at odds with French feminist arguments for women's full citizenship that were grounded in the notion of individuality posited by French republicanism.
Manochehr (2006) found that while learning styles were irrelevant for instructor based classes, Assimilator and Convergor learning styles performed better in a web-based learning environment.
Issues such as empowerment can be best communicated through an assimilator approach that uses role-playing exercises and short vignettes called "critical incidents.
Specifically, the culture assimilator and contrast-American techniques were developed with funding from the military, yet are rarely, if ever, used in military cultural training today.