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01) have the ability to predict general self-efficacy variable, but though having a significant relationship, assimilator learning style variable has not the ability for prediction.
Table: Kolb Learning Style, Race, and Ethnicity Kolb Learning Style Race or Ethnicity Odds Ratio Assimilator African American 2.
Students with Assimilator and Convergor learning styles do not perform better using a web-based PBL course design than students with Divergor and Accomodator learning styles.
Like the assimilators, convergers are precise and logical, abstract and systematic in their thinking, and tend to focus on more thoughtful understanding.
Assimilators stress the role of reflective observation and abstract conceptualization, while executors (Kolb's original terminology was accommodators), combine active experimentation with concrete experience.
The interactive exhibit also includes 2 assimilator rides and a Star Wars IMAX movie inside the museum.
An Assimilator is a person who is strong in inductive reasoning and is highly interested in abstract concepts.
Kline (1992) "Individual and Combined Effect of Behavior Modeling and the Cultural Assimilator in CrossCultural Management Training," Journal of Applied Psychology, 77(6), 952-963.
But at base he was an amateur, a rapid assimilator, talented but with limited experience and almost no conventional academic training.
Nazareth and his class started showing how Elvis was a great assimilator of Black culture, Cherokee culture, Indian culture, all sorts of cultures and how he paid them back in his songs, costumes and movies
Our ASsimilator platform incorporates quality-of-service metrics not addressed by BGP to drive the route management process.
WPCS is an assimilator and integrator of wireless technologies providing cost effective, best-of-breed solutions to meet the needs of the corporate, government and educational markets both domestic and international.