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However, the information about the archaeal assimilatory sulfur metabolism for biomolecule synthesis such as [Fe-S] cluster assembly is limited.
In his "Prefacio" Lenz had described these games as proof of the "assimilatory potential" of the Mapuche.
It is reduced by nitrate reductase in assimilatory or dissimilatory way.
In the formal speech situation, collected during the meeting, when subjects of religious nature are addressed, there are only four occurrences of diminutive; however, out of the four occurrences, three have the affricate variant, indicating the possibility of existing an assimilatory process of the palatal nasal feature that is characteristic of the diminutive in Portuguese, deserving a more accurate research with a greater volume of data.
In addition to it, the assimilatory power of grapes is also higher.
Often complaints are made about the generic sounding, artistically assimilatory, contemporary music coming out of the radio, television, and internet.
As a key component of nationalism, we can also understand hockey as not merely an act of appropriation but as a colonizing force, another assimilatory measure.
The initial n- of some cognates (e.g., SaaN njeallje, Komi nol KhE nela, MsN nila) seems to have developed due the assimilatory influence of word-internal *-j-.
The change to [ts] however, appears to be assimilatory; it is primarily a change to [t] that assimilates [s] in a progressive manner.
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Heavy metals like Ni and Al treatments also impaired the nitrate assimilation process in rice seedlings by inhibiting the activities of key nitrogen assimilatory enzymes, that is, NR, GS, and GDH [48].