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Using first names may symbolize by both groups, the integration view, and using labels by the veterans, the assimilatory view, and by the immigrants a tendency toward separation.
Assimilatory nitrate ammonification involves the reduction of nitrate to ammonium by microorganisms, followed by the assimilation of this ammonium for cell growth (Payne 1973).
My approach differs from Lloyd's chiefly in that he approaches this passage in Fanon to illuminate the metaphorical structure of assimilation, whereas I - forgive the chiasmus - seek in it insight into the assimilatory structure of comparison.
Jewish community, influenced by the Haskalah in Europe, tended toward an assimilatory outlook, although sometimes for completely different reasons.
Unfortunately, Slettengren confused [section] 681, which discussed the assimilatory change [vn > mn], as in stefn > stemn 'voice', with [section] 691 ("Die Lautgruppe sk") in the grammar where palatalisation of the cluster is discussed in detail.
He shows that liberalism, a political philosophy developed at the height of the colonial project, is falsely universal and assimilatory in character.
Judaism began to focus on Abraham as the father of the Jews, rather than on his significance to humans generally, under assimilatory pressures beginning with Hellenization, the Roman occupation and destruction of the Second Temple, and the rise of Christianity.
From a British perspective, Adrian Favell (2001:116) notes that "integration" has become something of an all-purpose rubric: "a vague yet technical sounding term that encompasses a range of positions from more assimilatory policies through to more openly raulticultural ones.
L-cysteine and glutathione down-regulate the expression of several sulfur assimilatory enzymes, likely through a feedback control mechanism, whereas the sulfur biosynthesis pathway activator, OAS, upregulates the expression of these enzymes.
2]O; (ii) dissimilatory nitrate reduction (denitrification); and (iii) assimilatory nitrate reduction.
The overall conclusion here is that assimilatory practices and attitudes were strong--that cultural interaction was expected to take place in only one direction: toward the Israelis.
It is reduced by nitrate reductase in assimilatory or dissimilatory way.