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In this experiment, the relative abundance of Cyanobacteria was significantly increased in 1NR indicating that the nitrate assimilatory reduction was promoted in low nitrate addition treatment.
According to Pir Sultan Abdal Association President Fevzi GE-mE-E-, the democratization package is far from eliminating the problems faced by Alevis for years due to the state's assimilatory practices.
In older constructivism intelligence has been defined as the development of an assimilatory activity elaborated by the interaction between itself and the external environment [35].
Leaf area per plant of forage sorghum at harvest (cm2): The leaf area is a measure of size of assimilatory system of the plant, is a product of leaf length and breadth, and is considered mainly concerned with the accumulation and partitioning of photosynthates to the economic part of the plant.
NAR indicates the efficiency of the assimilatory system involved in dry matter production, estimating thus the net photosynthesis in this case, the highest NAR value was detected in plants kept under 50% I (Table 3), due to the better use of the supplied mineral elements.
Their motives were economic as well as assimilatory, but their appeal to prospective parents placed benevolence at the core.
which importantly includes self-critical analysis of indigenous governance structures indoctrinated by colonial assimilatory policy.
With a single point, information processing that favors assimilatory vantage should favor ethnocentrism.
Throughout the show, Ursuta presented a version of contemporary Roma life that is distinctly different from the assimilatory politeness envisioned by former French president Nicolas Sarkozy when he proposed finding ways in which to integrate the Roma rather than deport them.
Yield potential, plant assimilatory capacity, and metabolic efficiencies.
By contrast, Weingrad's study bears a cover illustration from a Hebrew-learning book, by Zvi Scharfstein, underscoring the optimism of inculcating America's Jewish generation of youngsters with the Hebrew that would preserve their identities against the assimilatory forces.