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I was supremely happy in the opportunity of being able to assist somebody else.
It was my earnest wish to help him to prepare to enter Hampton, and to save money to assist him in his expenses there.
We have been examined together, as well as separately, to assist the police.
Before I could offer to assist him he had found what he wanted.
And I shall have a service to ask of you afterwards, if you don't object to assist me.
It is again needless to say that, so far from objecting, I was all eagerness to assist her.
I was necessarily one among the witnesses summoned to assist the objects of the investigation.
My own impression was, that he had been first used (without any guilty knowledge on his own part) to ascertain the fact of the clerk's absence from home on the previous day, and that he had been afterwards ordered to wait near the church (but out of sight of the vestry) to assist his master, in the event of my escaping the attack on the road, and of a collision occurring between Sir Percival and myself.
For,' added he, 'I will answer for him, and for every step he takes; if he wrongs you, madam, of one farthing, it shall lie at my door, I will make it good; and he delights to assist people in such cases--he does it as an act of charity.
I dare say, madam,' says he, 'that you will be as well satisfied with my friend as with me, and he is thoroughly able to assist you, which I am not.
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