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Osbourne was again in assist mode, slipping the ball inside to Hughes who strode forward and, from the best part of 25 yards, unleashed a fierce left-foot drive that was brilliantly tipped over the bar by Dean Gerken.
The MHT can operate in an assist mode to supplement the engine's output for additional power for acceleration and under conditions where a diesel pollutes most.
In the Manual Assist mode, the image is overlaid with fixed guidelines which indicate the correct path to follow into a parking space.
In the Reverse Parking Assist Mode, the guidelines move in line with the vehicle, showing the steering angle needed to park properly.
The stair-climbing function is the only one that requires a significant amount of coordination and upper body strength; it also could operate in an assist mode. For other functions, the user must be able to operate a joystick.
During the assist mode, the joystick is locked out.