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In the Reverse Parking Assist mode, the guidelines show the steering angle needed to park properly.
Once the desired flow rate is set, the volume of hydraulic oil in the breaker circuit will not exceed the adjusted level, even if the operator changes to the assist mode or the manual mode.
A button on the handlebar allows the rider to easily toggle in and out of power assist mode.
What you've got here is more of an electric charger for, with the 10-year-life batteries coming on strong in assist mode, the one-litre, three-cylinder petrol engine slingshots the wee charmer out of corners.
Assist Mode -- this mode uses the "fuzzy logic" in Kobelco's exclusive NeuralNet Command System to instantly recognize certain tasks and adjust the hydraulic system to help operators achieve maximum efficiency through engine RPM control with minimal effort.
As a result, eneloop bike owners can expect to ride up to 40 miles per charge in full "Auto" pedal assist mode, roughly increasing the battery use capacity by up to 1.