assist the progress

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In addition to that, the two sides will work under this MoU to adopt and propose programs to explain and promote concepts of moderation in Islam and assist the progress and advancement of Muslim nation in various fields.
"The vision of Ghantoot Racing and Polo Club is a strong and inspiring one and we hope to assist the progress of the institution within the UAE and the GCC.
The plan stipulates Annual Bilateral Consultation at the Foreign Secretary level and triennial Ministerial to assist the progress.
In tomorrow's Post there is an article about a BHA programme designed to assist the progress of young apprentices and conditional jockeys by supplying them with a coach/mentor in the shape of weighing-room veterans past and present.
The Deflector mine Definitive Feasibility Study is near completion, with leading global bank Credit Suisse providing the Company with an initial $11m in funding to assist the progress to production.
'These actions do nothing to assist the progress the council is making with the off-road motorcycling community to tackle these issues.'
Its proponents argue that government could and should assist the progress of American industry, now facing foreign competitors greatly helped by their own governments.