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According to her, it will allay public concerns and help in guiding professional practice in assisted fertility medicine.
There is tubal ligation reversal surgery in Mexico, buttock implants in Costa Rica, chin and breast implants in Colombia, assisted fertility and gastric bypass in Argentina, and dental work in El Salvador.
But while assisted fertility services may be available to singles or same-sex couples in private clinics, it is not available at the LPPKN clinic, being a government-affiliated facility.
Drawing on in-depth interviews with more than 100 new later mothers and extensive collateral research, she shatters the myths surrounding later motherhood, overviews assisted fertility methods, and discusses types of adoption options.
"We ended the postcode lottery to accessing this service in 2005, when we began offering one free cycle of IVF to women who meet clinical criteria set out by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) and the All Wales Assisted Fertility Working Group.
Nutritional therapy can be used as an alternative or in combination with assisted fertility treatment to maximise fertility and promote conception.
Mundy presents the problematic moral dimensions of assisted fertility in clear terms.

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