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One in-person assister, at a health care facility, violated PPACA exchange assister program rules by stating that the assister's organization could only help facility patients who owed the facility money.
Another assister said the assister's organization was included in the exchange assister list by mistake.
Many organizers, advocates, and assisters have been active throughout the summer, raising awareness about enrollment and working to prepare for a successful enrollment cycle.
Commonwealth finds that five FFM states prohibit entities that get any kind of reimbursement from insurers from serving as assisters, even if that payment is not associated with enrollment assistance activity.
Such restrictions purportedly protect consumers from being pushed to a given plan simply because their health care provider contracts with that plan; however, the ACA already has clear directives about unbiased assistance, and existing federal regulations expressly prohibit all assisters from receiving compensation from health plans on the basis of enrollment.
State exchanges have indicated that the navigators and in-person assisters will focus mainly on helping low- income consumers enroll in Medicaid plans and Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) plans.
Only 22 percent said they got capacity just right, compared with 35 percent of the other assisters.
For a look at what CCIIO is telling the assisters about you, read on.
Thien Lam talks about the kinds of insurance that assisters should have.
Officials there are expecting the "connector entities" to create about 300 jobs and employ 50 subcontractors that will support the efforts of exchange navigators and in-person assisters.
Members of the organizations that get the exchange outreach grants can serve as assisters, and individuals and organizations also can apply to serve as assisters without applying for outreach grants, officials said.
The kinds of consumer assistance the assisters will provide will include general public education, guidance on how individuals and families can use the exchange system, helping individuals to figure out what kinds of benefits they seem to be eligible for, helping individuals fill out applications for programs such as Medicaid and the new PPACA premium tax credit program, and understanding plan choices, the work group said.

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