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The questions, `Was any training provided for your assistive technology?
Experts in the field of Assistive Technology discussed the latest trends and best practices in using technology to support the learning and communication needs of children and young adults living with autism.
Smith and Kelley's (2007) study on the assistive technology competencies addressed in personnel preparation programs determined that only 15 out of 38 personnel preparation programs offered a specific course in assistive technology for individuals who are visually impaired.
With this in mind, the overarching goal of the Partnership for Assistive Technology is to play a distinct and pre-eminent role in the assistive technology field by bringing knowledge and applications about assistive technology to students, faculty, and the community.
The contents of the monograph apply to all rehabilitation fields and are designed to assist organizations preparing for CARF surveys in Employment Assistive Technology Services or Community Assistive Technology Services--two new service areas available for CARF accreditation beginning July 1, 1998.
Medicaid may help you pay for an assistive device if it is associated with a specific medical need.
David Yan, who experienced a diving accident at senior high school in 1998, is currently operating the Morse Code-based Mouth-controlled Text input device to manipulate all the functions of a computer and holding the post of project manager of assistive technology devices testing in the Sunshine Assistive Technology Devices Research Group.
The two organisations have been working together over the past years in an informal capacity to explore different ways of collaboration and are part of an increasing number of resource centres that are dedicated to connecting disabled people to assistive technology throughout the Gulf region.
In a book published by James & Thorpe in 1994, called Ancient Inventions, the authors describe any number of assistive devices used as early as the sixth or seventh century B.
For a person with a disability, access to appropriate assistive technology (AT) can mean a more independent, productive life.
14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- This BCC Research report examines market opportunities for assistive technology products with market projections from 2015 through 2020.
But with the use of assistive technology, she now has a voice.