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Government documents list the goals of these centers as enabling girls to 'improve knowledge of health, increase literacy, develop skills and income, improve self expression, communication, and raise awareness of problems, team work, associability, and access to public services.
Restoring the associability of a pre-exposed CS by a surprising event.
The RSAS is composed of 40 items in a True/False format which measure: schizoid indifference, associability, lack of social enjoyment and indifference towards others.
In addition, behavioral and social capabilities of information access and associability are identified as unique to family firms.
The experiments (and our theory) said that exposure to a stimulus (at least when it signalled a consistent consequence) led to a loss of associability and poorer subsequent learning.
Hence the consideration of the limits of associability lead to what Aristotle long ago singled out as the factor of "form.
1975) A theory of attention: variation in the associability of stimuli with reinforcement.
The collective results of these investigations of A odor suggest it is weak in unconditioned meaning, low in associability relative to tastes and artificial odors, and may require several conditioning trials to gain significant aversive control as a signal of illness in its own right.
LI has been most often attributed to a decrement in attention to (of in the associability of) the CS, which prevents the formation of a strong CS-US association (e.
Given that extinction involves non-reinforced exposure to the CS, the extinction-reacquisition sequence is identical to the conditions that give rise to latent inhibition, which is precisely a retardation of learning caused by non-reinforced preexposure (Lubow & Moore, 1959), usually interpreted as caused by a loss of associability (e.
Latent inhibition is often attributed to a decline in the salience or associability of the stimulus produced by preexposure (e.
Moreover, analysis of the effects of hippocampal lesions on navigation find, first, that basic navigational processes are left intact, and second, that at least some of the disruption of homing may be caused by disruption of the associability of information derived from the sun compass a non-spatial deficit.

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