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ASSOCIATE. This term is applied to a judge who is not the president of a court; as associate judge.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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It is, however, not known whether the extent of acid secretion in Indians is associable with the high prevalence of iron deficiency anaemia.
Of all the artists associable with the concept of "Romantic Conceptualism" minted by critic Jorg Heiser in 2002--from Douglas Huebler to Bas Jan Ader to Tacita Dean--the Papendrecht (near Rotterdam)-born, currently New York-based van der Werve arguably swings closest, and most perilously, to the "Romantic" side of the classification.
The endorsement of physical interaction with images that can be seen as implicit in the final scene of The Winter's Tale is therefore associable with both idolatry and iconoclasm.
Yet further drawings associable with Annibale copying Correggio after this particular putto's figure in the Dresden sheet exist--a sheet of damaged surface and of apparently inferior quality (E.B.
The IR sweeps of the extracts revealed signals of the most "concentrated" bands of the extract in group 1(2800-3000 nm), associable with O-methyl unions or aldehyde-forming O groups; group 2 (1500-1200 run) related to N[O.sub.2], O-N[O.sub.2], and C-N[O.sub.2] bonds; group 3 (1200-1000 nm) associated with C-O, C-OH, and C-N bonds, in which the most probable is the C-O bond but there are average probabilities for C-N bonds; and group 4 (1000-700 nm) related to C-O, O-O, N-O, and N[O.sub.2] bonds, in which the most probable is C-O (Fig.
Another interesting aspect is that all emerging concepts are stored, both the ones immediately associable to well-defined semantics (e.g.
Milosz links the magpies flight with a verb associable with permanence, "renews," faintly intimating his contemplation of the divine or transcendent, his oeuvre's most important subject.
(16) If they are not associable, there may be fleeting episodes of empirical consciousness (that is, random sensations), but there could be no integrated, and hence no self-conscious, experience.
However, closer examination reveals that hierarchy-wide inter-level auto-correlation is itself a recognizable characteristic of natural hierarchy (and is not, therefore, associable with artificial hierarchy).
The black snake is a striking visual figure in itself, and provides the sense of sliminess and slow gliding that Crabbe presents more directly, but in its very vividness it distracts attention from its proper object: Piter watching the slow-moving tide that is associable with the death of two of his apprentices.
Second, analysis of the first phrase generated for a specific symbol revealed the concepts that were readily available and associable with that symbol.

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