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ASSOCIATE. This term is applied to a judge who is not the president of a court; as associate judge.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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• Requirements for business associates and downstream business associates
It is expensive for firms to hire new associates, especially considering the time it takes to conduct multiple levels of interviews and for new associates to learn the corporate culture and expectations.
Charlton: Katie Chandler**, Medical Office; Lisa O'Brien**, Associate in Science in Medical Assisting
Senior vice president Andrew Somple, SIOR, sales associate Thomas A.
AGENCY: Bader Rutter & Associates, Inc., Brookfield, WI--Tom Posta
Marc Forman (pictured at top), vice president and chief operations officer of Harmon Associates, is able to talk about annual tonnage handled by the subsidiary in millions rather than thousands.
Maguire Associates' services include strategic planning, integrated marketing, strategic pricing and forecasting, strategic financial aid modeling, enrollment management consulting, branding and image development, student satisfaction/retention studies, and research for alumni and development audiences.
May 17: Workshop: Organizational dynamics; ICA Associates; Toronto; Email
Every year, our associates invest more than 7 million hours of service through Team Depot, our volunteer corps.
The associates later worked with Parsons on preliminary choreographic planning for the dances he is creating for a musical theater production of Daddy Long Legs.
In addition, a combination of two or more of the following items can establish criminal gang association in a specific criminal gang and two or more of these on three or more occasions can establish criminal gang membership in a specific criminal gang; wears clothing that contains the colors or symbols of a specific criminal gang; exhibits jewelry that represents a specific criminal gang; displays hand signs or other gestures or speaks a slogan of a specific criminal gang; associates with known criminal gang members at established criminal gang locations or hangouts; and has information meeting any of these criteria verified by a law enforcement agency.
HIPAA defines these entities as "business associates," or entities that, on behalf of a covered entity, perform, or assist in the performance of, a function or activity involving the use or disclosure of individually identifiable health information.

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