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President Lai also mentioned, "The first three floors of the Zenda Suites include shops and conference rooms, the fourth floor is the Alumni Association Center and floors above the fifth floor are hotel rooms.
The three new tenants will relocate into the Association Center during the first quarter of 1998.
Director Shyh-Yu Shaw of NCKU Alumni Association Center believed, "The existing academic cooperation between National Cheng Kung University and Kinmen will help elevate the medical treatment quality in Kinmen County.
1) National Governors Association Center for Best Practices Issue Brief "Homeland Security in the States: Much Progress, More Work," January 24, 2005
Joint procurement renewal financial- services of non-life insurance contracts of the association center of Cerfontaine and ASBL CAT-Home Pruwelzien.
a leader in providing end-to-end e-Business services has joined forces with Coburn Supply Company and the American Supply Association Center for Advancing Technology to provide e-commerce services to Coburn's contractor customers.
The National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) leads a Mission Growth Working Group, which consists of states that are significantly impacted by the growth of military bases.
City, a national non-profit organization dedicated to career development in business and industry for talented minorities, has leased 10,000 square-feet of office space at 120 Wall Street, the Association Center.
Representatives from the Alzheimer's Association Center at California State University, Northridge, will offer educational material including facts about Alzheimer's disease in California, Caregiver Resource guides, Safe Return program information, and the 10 Warning Signs.
This brief enhances recommendations and policy strategies from the National Governors Association Center for Best Practices (NGA Center) publication "Reading to Achieve: A Governor's Guide to Adolescent Literacy".
He suggested expanding its tourist services, and mentioned Larry Silverstein's Association Center for non-profit groups as a building that is attracting new types of tenants to Downtown.
on Friday, April 28, with the formal opening of the Alzheimer's Association Center on the campus of California State University, Northridge.

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