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We calculated cBT according to the association constants of testosterone for SHBG,1 X 109 L/mol, and for albumin, 3.
Using optimal paired association constants, the number of cBT values differing by <30% from the aBT was between 421 and 428 (among the 503 normal participants), whereas applying the constants used in the ISSAM website (3), only 67 of the cBT values differed by <30% from the aBT (Table 3).
Using the Vermeulen formula (3) and association constants ([K.
a] association constants and found optimal paired K and [K.
a], we were able to determine CBT values that better agreed with the ABT values than CBT values determined with theoretical association constants.
4 depicting the different association constants reorganized by the presence of PSFQ1, evidences that: (1) [[eta].
Based on these association constants, the excess functions [DELTA], [g.
These antibodies exhibited similar apparent association constants for free and complexed cTnI based on the BIAcore analysis (for the monoclonal, [K.

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