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Modified exponential bidirectional associative memories, Electronics Letters, Vol.
1 (L, [theta]) is a Smarandache quasigroup of with associative subquasigroup (S, [theta]) if and only if any of the following equivalent statements is true.
Cloudera Impala brings significant performance advances to accessing data in Hadoop, which, combined with QlikView's associative experience, will enable our customers to continue discovering business value from their data, regardless of the variety or volume.
For example, associative memory - used in remembering face-name associations - can be impaired in alcoholics.
The applications properties of latex paints have improved significantly with the advent of associative thickeners.
Keywords: Association Rule, Classification, Data Mining, Associative Classification, Prediction Accuracy
RG is an associative ring with 0 [member of] R acts as its additive identity.
As a user defines a surface, the software automatically generates surface geometry and establishes associative relationships.
0 of Sentence, its database management system based on the Associative Model of Data which is said to be the first new database architecture since the advent of the Interact, and the only model to take account of its unique needs.
From there, the viewer was off on an indefinitely extensible round of associative thought.
TextAssist and VoiceAssist are the most comprehensive, general purpose speech-enabling agents for the PC, bringing convenient speech control of the entire Windows desktop, and every application in it, without any need for training, as well as high quality speech synthesis for reading text aloud from any application," said Jozsef Kiraly, President and CEO of Associative Cognition, Inc.
Working with seven performers from Guinea and the Ivory Coast, and the American Carlos Funn, Lemon has created a meandering, dreamlike display in which a series of poetically associative images are linked by a fragmented, allusive text (by Tracie Morris), percussive and electronic music (the latter by Francisco Lopez and Paul D.

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