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A different jury hearing the Rivera case might also have felt an associatively derived intuition that Rivera "felt" like a guilty person.
To support commits, the age CAM is associatively searched with the age supplied by the ROB.
It gave them the unique ability to pass down intricate systems of knowledge, packaged as causally and associatively linked events, ideas, and experiences.
Influencing the search behavior and the information that consumers have about the services that are available: Electronic Program Guides, channel listings and search engines are not only instruments to present certain (own) programs or services more favorably, personally or associatively, but also to create a biased idea of the available offerings.
But Mimamsa and Advaita can also be differentiated by recensional differences, for example, their respective closer connections to the Madhyandina and Kanva recensions of the Brhadaranyaka Upanimd; even hermeneutics are differentiated, the Mimamsakas opting for the principle of context (prakarna) and Vedantins for "a maximum of matching quotations associatively accumulated from as many different sruti [revelatory] and smrti [traditional] text-places as possible" (p.
Being "highly pigment," as the sociologists say, it was our Negro "misfortune" to be caught up associatively in the negative side of this basic dualism of the white folk mind, and to be shackled to almost everything it would represent from conscience and consciousness.
A great deal of our combat capability operates in cyberspace: command and control (C2) systems as well as the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance platforms that ensure battlefield awareness stand as just two examples of critical systems operating in cyberspace--and associatively at risk.
These poems established a pattern for thousands of later Romantic and Victorian lyrics that, like Matthew Arnold's "Dover Beach," typically open with a description of a natural setting ("The sea is calm tonight"), then shift their focus to one aspect of that scene (Arnold's ebbing tide), and finally move associatively to a reflection on some personal or public issue whose significance is the real focus of the poem (for Arnold, the decline of traditional religious faith).
It is an intuitive approach in which the ability to link associated text matches the brain's natural tendency to think associatively.
333), a term which, when allowed to reverberate associatively around the play as whole, acts as another mise-en-abime.
However, the approach followed in the design of this thesaurus lacks linguistic grounding: it is based on a loose conception of lexical field, in terms of which words are classified together if they share some bit of meaning (Kay--Chase 1990: 305); that is, lexical units appear clustered associatively, instead of being based on the structural notions of opposition and similarity, fundamental for the organization of lexical fields, as Coseriu and Geckeler demonstrated (Coseriu 1977; Geckeler 1976).
Technically, tuple centres are programmable tuple spaces--reactive, logic-based blackboards that agents associatively access by writing, reading, and consuming tuples (ordered collections of heterogeneous information chunks represented as first-order logic terms) via simple communication operations (out, rd, in, inp, rdp) [21].

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