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What issues from the five players can in no way be confused with "sweet assonance.
In French and German this happens primarily through assonance (as was already available to the folk and archaic national traditions).
Besides, the vowel glide /ei/ in gateway and decade is repeated which is the example of assonance (repetition of vowel sounds).
This area was brought up on music and the assonance is more important than the dialect, the flat sounding 'brass'.
Assonance, with which alliteration might be confused, is defined by the authors as "the effect created by like-sounding vowels" (p.
I use assonance, which repeats vowel sounds in a line; alliteration, which repeats the first letter of words; ending consonant sounds; and refrains.
Qazi Hussain's barbs about the assonance between "the corps and crore commanders" and Altaf Hussain's assertions regarding "more corruption being coupled to more funds" were never investigated.
Cliff Diving": A fury of collage and assonance, we paw at limestone--scale the/mouth of Frey's rock.
Beyond the nonreproducible Latin assonance, I thought that "manifested frailty" was the only not-quite-successful phrase in a fine rendering.
In contrast to the familiar end rhyme of European poetry, rhyme is internal in the Popol Vuh in the forms of alliteration and assonance.
In poems that are sometimes (and alternately) acerbic, satiric, nostalgic, comic, and melancholic, Edith Sitwell's somewhat abstract (sometimes incomprehensible, but not nonsensical, as often was alleged) texts represent an exploration of poetic rhythm and speed, coupled with studies in rhyme, assonance, and dissonance.