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What issues from the five players can in no way be confused with "sweet assonance.
Beyond the nonreproducible Latin assonance, I thought that "manifested frailty" was the only not-quite-successful phrase in a fine rendering.
Her poetry explodes with rhyme, image and assonance, and she is always doing her utmost to expand a child's vocabulary in the most precocious manner possible.
Barroso states that he has been assured by Bulgarian Foreign Minister Jeleva that her Conflict of Interests declaration was in total assonance with Ethics Code of the EU Commission.
These are tightly interwoven by means of rhyme, internal rhyme, assonance, alliteration, and the repetition of the same words at the end of proximate lines, but without there being any identifiable, regular patterns.
The alliteration among "She," "she'd," and "suck" sexualizes Tjose as a French-kissing fellatrix, a perception underlined by the assonance between "suck" and "hum," the alliteration between "hard" (provoking an erection) and "hum" (orgasm), and the rhyme between "hum" and "from.
I liked the last one best because its assonance picked up the k-l-s sounds of close.
Indeed, intellectually, I worship the ground on which they tread, for knowing how to employ the wonderful tools of poetry - rhyme, assonance, alliteration, rhythm and simile - without being "lettered".
Much of the effectiveness of this opening section depends on the way the poet weaves together sounds--the assonance of "fair" and "Prepared," of "smoke," "Rolls" and "snow," "cloud" and "house"; the slant rhyme of "stands" and "winds"; the repeated "s" in "summit," "stands," "solid smoke" "snow," moved to the end of words in "Grace's house" and echoed by the unaccented first syllable of "secure.
Almost every paragraph has at least one sentence spitting out alliteration, swooning in assonance, reaching for the highest rhetorical apple on the tree.
The assonance and alliteration of Poe's weighty "The Bells" is born again as "The Smells," with odes to salty seashores and just-mowed grass.
The relationships with the surrealists, in particular his friendship with Andre Breton and Paul Eluard on the one hand, and his very intimate relationship with Leopold Sedar Senghor and the Cuban painter Wifredo Lam on the other hand, help us to understand that there is a complicity between modern Western poetics, all based on contestation and on the revolution of language, and negro poetics, whose inspirations (power of rhythm, the fantastic, excessiveness, humour, fusion with the origins and the cosmic foundation of the word, and methods: accumulation, assonance, vertigo, etc.