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I regret that my review suggested that most of his translations contain overt rhyme schemes or, worse, that their accuracy has been compromised by adherence to rhyme schemes, however assonant the rhymes might be.
They give the piece something completely different from just the same elegant long-drawn out resonance all the time, but when combined with the technique of the piece, with the way it was written, they have the potential to produce a fine (assonant) result.
(49) The unusual Hebrew term for "worth their weight," mesulaim, imported into the petiha by virtue of its association with "dear children of Zion," is strikingly assonant with the current threat of the Moslems (muslam) and may have motivated Agnon's choice of epithets here.
sit fidendum]; a modern ontological term for prosperis; no alliterative assonant linkage [tantum ...
First, Boquet's subject revises the natal trope of her predecessor's speech, for just as Aspasia argues that the early men of Athens sprung not from women but from the soil, so too does Boquet wrest from its institutional origins the writing center, and by extension, its citizens--"Their fathers, after all, are inessential." Stylistically, through illicit punning and postmodern wordplay, Boquet urges her reader to celebrate institutional illegitimacy, just as her Classical predecessor employed antithetical and symmetrical structure and alliterative and assonant sounds to draw in her auditor.
circular, consonant and assonant phrase in which the parallel placement
The classic definition of the romance is a Hispanic narrative ballad, most frequently in assonant couplets of 16 syllables each, divided into octosyllabic hemistichs.
Tasso offered a major source of Romantic and modern poetics, not only in his persona and his thematic of misfortune and alienation, but in the musical values of his lines, where, like Baudelaire, he explored assonant resonance and the evocative power of language within the constraints of traditional versification.
Dighton Rock is an intertidal petroglyph located in the Assonant Bay at Berkeley Massachusetts.
Precisely homonymous names are admissible, but those that are merely assonant (Tim Robbins/Tom Robbins, Nicolas Cage/Nicholas Gage, Michael Lerner/Michael Learned, William Wyler/Billy Wilder) are rejected in strict observance of the "CLOSE BUT NO CIGAR" role.