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the spirit flown forever" (Mabbott, I, 336-337), and the octameters of "The Raven," in both cases stressing a division midway through assonantal and alliterative clusters, setting or balancing or unifying phrases, and conceptually incorporating a midpoint caesura, in the classic sense.
Frances Beer translates the Short Text of Julian's Revelations plus chapters 58-63 of the Long Text; Maya Bijvoet Williamson all that survives of the extraordinary Memoirs of the servant, confidante, and co-conspirator of Queen Elizabeth of Hungary; Dayle Seidenspinner-Nunez the meditations on the spiritual benefits of her deafness, the Grove of the Infirm (Arboleda de los enfermos), and the apologetic Wonder at the Works of God (Admiracion operum Dey), of Teresa de Cartagena; and Katharina Wilson renders (into intermittently rhyming or assonantal verse) Hrotsvit's legends of Basilius and Pelagius, the dramas Dulcitius, Calimachus, Abraham, and Sapientia, the poem Saint John, and (although this is not made clear, excerpts from) the Cesta Oddonis and Primordia.
6) Thus have Tennyson's words come to signal precisely that "abject space beyond words," to quote from Aidan Day; and likewise his assonantal patterns register a psychological "grotesque" that "lies not at the verbal surface .
The assonantal half-rhyming across these lines carries the poem along on a wave of sound that is paralleled by the attention to visual detail and color.