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In "Becquer y la musica," for instance, Diego underscores the strong assonantal sonority of Becquer's prose and poetry, tuning into the way in which Becquer takes inspiration from the lieder (or, romanzas sin palabras) of musical Romanticism (46, 60).
As such, these assonantal echoes, although registering within the Symbolic (by perhaps creating a mournful tone to the work) also elude the reader's ability to give them concrete meaning as they are textual gaps through which the experience of pure jouissance escapes signifying practice.
By the end of the poem the "resins of remembering" have given way to the "resonances / of an oncoming winter," the shift from memory of childhood to anticipation of death nicely attended by the assonantal glide and the modulation from olfactory to auditory.
This is clear in the second stanza, where Cabral deliberately disrupts a metric pattern of seven-syllable lines by incorporating an eight-syllable line, less favoured in Portuguese tradition, in line 17, 'o pouco-verso de oito sylabas | (em linha vizinha a' prosa)', and opts for the 'imperfect' assonantal rhyme, que apaga o verso e nao soa' (pp.
Poe afforded him two prominent examples: the heptameter version of "Lenore"--"Ah, broken is the golden bowl!--the spirit flown forever" (Mabbott, I, 336-337), and the octameters of "The Raven," in both cases stressing a division midway through assonantal and alliterative clusters, setting or balancing or unifying phrases, and conceptually incorporating a midpoint caesura, in the classic sense.
We are told Shakespeare delighted in alliterative, assonantal, and anagrammatic semantic strings.
old tricks, new tricks, puns, portmanteau-words, paradox, allusion, paromasia, paragram, catachresis, slang, assonantal rhymes, vowel rhymes, sprung rhythm.
The assonantal rhymes on "know" and "poor," and full rhyme of "poor" and "door" are very deft.
The dense patterning of loud diphthongs in the text (detailed above) is assonantal, and more unusual, there are many internal rhymes, some of them being multiple ("hair"-"compare"; "then"-"again"; "man"-"stands"; "stray"-"negligee"-"a.m."