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2006) have shown there is assortative mating for a romantic partner in personality along with preference for higher or lower levels of particular traits in an ideal partner.
Key words: assortative mating, breeding success, egg size, Glaucous-winged Gull, hybridization, Larus glaucescens, Larus occidentalis, mating patterns, Protection Island, Washington, Western Gull
But assortative mating doesn't explain all of the peculiarities of autism.
Assortative Mating and Marital Quality in Newlyweds: A Couple-Centered Approach.
This change suggests a process of assortative mating and an increase in family income inequality due to this process.
To the extent that the effect of parents' marriage on child wellbeing reflects the characteristics of both parents as well as the quality of the match, differences in the assortative mating patterns between unmarried parents and couples who marry before having children could lead to omitted variables bias in the estimated effect of marriage after childbearing.
However, the extent to which pollinator mediated assortative mating contributes to the initial divergence of flowering plant taxa remains uncertain.
Among the topics are institutions and the beginnings of economic growth in 18th-century Britain, the coevolution of institutions and preferences, politics and income distribution, income distribution and the interaction between cycles and growth, the effects of bureaucrats' rent-seeking activity on market failures within poor institutions, evidence from Greek regions on the role of human capital in economic growth, adult longevity and economic take-off from Malthus to Ben-Prath, exploring assortative mating among the bright and wealthy, and interaction between economic and social variables.
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