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3 Referring to Diagram III, join white dot B, 2 white dot C's, white dot D and assorted print D to make Block Y.
Assorted Design has been hosting sites, developing sites, designing sites and creating social media content on the web since 2001.
Other items include assorted Classic backpack (QR15) and pencil case (QR8), NBA backpack (QR122) and pencil case (QR18.
Assorted fruit juices, including orange, apple and grape (on ice)
Building managers are responsible for training staff members in dealing with assorted emergencies, communicating effectively with tenants and advise them of their planned emergency response, whether an evacuation, partial evacuation, in-building relocation or shelter in place is called for.
Imagine having this lot to tend: 60 horses, 30 dogs, 28 cats, assorted guinea pigs and a goat.
Assorted protagonists and sleuths--police, private, and amateur detectives (among the latter a delightful trio of 11-year-old girls in one of the anthology's best stories)--solve mysteries, investigate crimes, and confront a mind-boggling assortment of modus operandi (gunshot, poison, sexual mutilation, animal attacks, and more) and assorted criminals (unhappy spouse, corrupt policeman, gun-toting cowboy, computer hacker, werewolf, and more).
The toxicogenomics research community may be "building a Tower of Babel" unless it devises ways to communicate and share data in a meaningful way among assorted research groups and across research platforms.
Some common snack-cart offerings are freshly made cookies, assorted fruits, assorted sandwiches, puddings, cupcakes, assorted crackers, and a full selection of beverages.
The words appear in assorted typefaces, paints, and lines, combined with bits of collage and surreal drawings on assorted backgrounds.
Dotted round the perimeter, pods encased in slatted cylindrical cages house assorted mechanical and service equipment.