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"We are very concerned about reports that are coming and the government needs to assuage the country and tell the country exactly what is happening and be completely transparent," he had said.
"The next best thing that the airline companies could do is to have a compensation system to assuage irate passengers," Nograles said.
Analysis by Mariam Al-Zanki PARIS, April 18 (KUNA) -- French citizens are bracing for outcome of the "grand national dialogue" amid promises by President Emmanuel Macron to come up with solutions aspired to assuage public anger.
After noting a sharp increase in government borrowing from the State Bank since July, and the net retirement of debt owed to private banks, the MPC said '[t]his financing will potentially have inflationary consequences in the future.' It is fair to expect that the governor will do what he can to assuage the markets, but his remarks made at the private event seemed to be trying to assuage some other constituency instead.
Last week's blockbuster jobs report helped assuage concerns about the economy, as it showed that hiring reached a 10-month high in December.
In a letter to the journalist, Lakshmi Subramanian, which was circulated to the media, Purohit said: "I wish to express my regret and my apologies to assuage your sentiments that have been hurt." Purohit said: "You had asked a question when we had got up and were proceeding to leave after the close of the press conference (on Tuesday)." "I considered that question to be a good one.
In their rush to end the slaughter, assuage public anger and create the impression they're on the job, they banned night bus transport.
The sense of a loss that no gift or act of kindness can assuage carries a special power.
Colin Farrell and Nicole Kidman deliver haunting performances as parents gripped by fear, the latter laying herself bare for disconcerting sex sequences, while Barry Keoghan oozes righteous rage as a son on a mission to assuage grief with a sacrifice.
Later, Maya visits the banyan tree in her imagination and discovers not darkness but life, bringing memories of her father that soothe her fear and assuage her grief.
Politically fracious, fraught with social tension and riddled with uncertainty about the future - he wonders what's next for his country under Brexit, membership of the European Union having historically helped to assuage the fires of that unionist/ nationlist divide.
Russia sought to assuage tensions by reaching out to both sides, AP reported.