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Sexual relationships are established chiefly for purposes of personal gain or assuagement of guilt or loneliness, rather than out of real affection.
supreme interest of the British people in Europe lay in the assuagement of
Race, Fear, and Firearms: The Roles of Demographics and Guilt Assuagement in the Creation of a Political Partition, 13 J.
The act of saying good-bye to oneself, the knowledge that the struggle to resist the enticement of nonexistence is done, may invoke an oddly pleasant assuagement of self-hatred.
Poetry is never a pure space for Cole; it never succeeds in sealing the poet off from the feelings that besiege him, but it nevertheless does hold out the hope of assuagement.
Near antonyms include comfort, consolation, and solace; alleviation, assuagement, ease, and relief; peace and security (distress, 2011).