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The Quaker woman's presence suddenly transforms the text from an accusatory narrative of class conflict to a conciliatory narrative of class assuagement that involves a displacement of working-class reality nearly as great as that of "A Night Under Ground." Gagnier calls this maneuver a sign of a "sutured" working class narrative.
The span between the doing of the damages and the application of the claimed assuagement is too vague.
Examining representations of the war in terms of dirty realism's 'non-metaphoric style', Joanna Price detects a 'sense of loss' in American consumer culture for which the mere 'metonymy of objects and images' provides only temporary assuagement.[13] Tina Chen has likewise employed metonymy to investigate the 'embodied poetics of displacement' in The Things They Carried.[14] Chen argues that the 'metonymic substitutions' in O'Brien's short story collection transform Vietnam into a 'metaphor for home' (pp.
His genius for assuagement and reconciliation began to surface earlier than one would perhaps readily notice.
Man expects something other than the assuagement of instinctive cravings from the possession of a woman: she is the privileged object through which he subdues Nature ...
This very same displacement, by denying those made socially redundant virtually any hope of a social remedy for their plight, leaves them with little else for the assuagement of their misery, frustration, and justified resentment than they can get from whatever will temporarily alleviate them; drugs or alcohol or mindless aggression.
Applying her dream analysis, I would say this is a tension between the repeated traumatic dream and the dream of assimilation and assuagement, these two kinds of dream running at crosscurrents in the novels.
He had even realized that the only adequate assuagement of such pain lay in the state of boundarylessness implied by the "low and delicious word death." But the kind of longing for origins, for God, that imbues many of Rumi's poems seems absent in "Song," where Whitman's task is to accommodate and celebrate the abundance that's here, not to yearn after what's not.
Metonymy provokes a leap across two arbitrarily juxtaposed objects, thereby allowing desire to shift laterally from one object to its associative kin in order to find an attainable focus and achieve at least temporary satiation.(4) While metonymy can provide brief assuagement of blocked desires, however, it can also intensify the very desire it serves, propelling displaced desires forward at an increasingly rapid rate.
[I]f that dreary Greenland-wind of benighted Want, perennial from sire to son, had frozen him into a kind of torpor and numb callosity, so that he saw not, felt not, - was this, for a creature with a soul in it, some assuagement; or the cruelest wretchedness of all?
It is easy to rue the lack of restraint in promoting consumption as a way of life, but we daily accept myriad commercial solutions to our own discontent--the assuagement of new clothing, new investments, new therapies to ease our disaffection.
The feminine power of resistance becomes something to be conquered or assuaged, or more precisely conquered through assuagement. Feminine power ultimately becomes no more than a complement to men's ideas, which change or "mature" as if in response to feminine criticism, until finally the metaphysic incorporates the criticism and the women's critical judgment turns affirmative.