assume authority

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Davidson also noted that the Ministry would not look favourably upon Brant's request to assume authority from the province for Official Plan amendment approval if the county went ahead with the rezoning.
Shban said that the coalition delegation called "opposition" returned to the orchestra which markets baseless things, adding "it seems that their goal, or they imagine along with their masters, that we came to Geneva to let them assume authority, and this is an illusion that should go out of their minds.
On September 29, 1982, for example, as the new MNF entered Beirut with about 1,400 marines, Frank writes of military anxieties regarding the stated mission -- to help the new Lebanese government rebrand the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and assume authority -- while maintaining a relatively neutral position.
While TAs assume authority to explain concepts and to instruct, WAs effectively aid a class without working as the professor's double.
Alcaraz will definitely sit out this weekend's game, with skipper Gary Caldwell set to assume authority in the centre of Wigan's three-man defence.
When Islamists began to assume authority, state media sided with them against others.
Our sympathies went out at that time to someone so little experienced who had been persuaded to take on a post which had been filled by such luminaries in the past as Richard Armstrong, Charles Mackerras and Carlo Rizzi, and having to assume authority over a bunch of musos as grizzled as so many long-serving organisations are.
Atmar had reportedly asked the US military to assume authority over training centres managed by DynCorp, the US company whose employees were involved in the incident in the northern province of Kunduz.
She will stop short of full abdication, but will effectively stand aside to allow Charles to assume authority for the day-to-day business of monarchy.
In August of 2005, those organizations came together as the North Carolina "C8 Working Group" and demanded that state officials assume authority over DuPont's investigation and expand it to include, among other things, groundwater monitoring around the C8 plant itself.
Ferguson's opinion is shared by Darren Fletcher, who knows the quiet man of the Manchester United dressing room will assume authority when it is needed tomorrow.
Julia Crick's "The Art of the Unprinted: Transcription and English Antiquity in the Age of Print" is similarly interested in the ways varying textualities assume authority, performing what she calls an "experiment" by investigating the copying and reception of Latin charters of pre-Conquest England as a means for antiquarians (including Edward Coke and John Selden) to stake claims to the past that were inflected by present interests and concerns.