assume ownership

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Arkema has announced that by mid-2011, it will assume ownership of Total'scoatings resins and photocure resins activities.
Creating work environments where individuals assume ownership of their actions, tasks and the organization's reputation comes down to a simple sequence of interlinked actions.
Piers 11 and 12 are currently leased by EDC from the Port Authority, and the City proposes to assume ownership of Piers 7 through 12 following completion of a public planning process and required approvals.
This past January, when Bill called to say that he was looking for someone who could assume ownership of BIBR, I expressed interest without a moment's hesitation.
Jett, who is negotiating to assume ownership of his Q show, Queer Edge, said he would consider returning if payment could be assured, "not out of any devotion to Q Television but out of devotion to the concept of independent gay television.
Under the deal, still subject to final approval by Provident shareholders, Ventas will assume ownership of 68 independent and assisted living properties, totaling 6,819 units in 19 states, Ventas Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer Debra Cafaro said during a conference call.
Summitbridge National Investments LLC (Summit Investment Management), Denver, entered the highest bid and will assume ownership of Auburn.
However, in October 2002 five banks, CIBC, TD Canada Trust, Bank of Nova Scotia, BMO Bank of Montreal and Royal Bank of Canada entered into an agreement to assume ownership of the firm.
Fortitech international companies, constituting the joint venture, will assume ownership of BASF's premix manufacturing facilities in Denmark and Malaysia.
A native of Nashville, Tennessee, Oldham has been instrumental in getting African Americans to assume ownership of AFC-brand franchises, from getting involved in the community to pioneering an on-campus partnership with Creative Management Incentive Training Program (CMITP) for college students, where a career day is set up to introduce and encourage young people to explore the world of franchise ownership.
Many people simply rent the property from their heirs once their heirs assume ownership.