assume the appearance of

See: imitate, mock
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The City (as it is called) is the most populous part of London in the daytime; but at night, when it ceases to be the center of commerce, its busy population melts away, and the empty streets assume the appearance of a remote and deserted quarter of the metropolis.
He was quite pale and agitated, although attempting, by a jaunty swinging of the switch he had just cut, to assume the appearance of ease and confidence.
Ice has its grain as well as wood, and when a cake begins to rot or "comb," that is, assume the appearance of honeycomb, whatever may be its position, the air cells are at right angles with what was the water surface.
I have gone on day after day,' said Kate, bending over him, and timidly placing her little hand in his, 'in the hope that this persecution would cease; I have gone on day after day, compelled to assume the appearance of cheerfulness, when I was most unhappy.
So we realized that every time lies, fake news, or alternative facts are shared, they assume the appearance of truth,' she said.
One can only assume the appearance of Britain's boss, David Caterpillar on the shot was the result of a photo-bomb.
More generally, the actions of evildoers are often inexplicable, unsupported by the kind of reason that is embedded in the logic of means and ends, and, thus, assume the appearance of gratuitous destruction--of violence for the sake of violence that does not spare the actors themselves.
The downside to the arrival of companies like Ferrexpo and others in the sector (Mexican silver miner Fresnillo is knocking on the Footsie's door) is that oil (especially oil) and commodities stocks are now beginning to assume the appearance of a bubble.
Introduced by Carsonite International, new textured sound barriers for highways can assume the appearance of brick, bamboo, slate, or sand, to name a few options.
High Court judge Mr Justice Richards, who made an order banning identification, said the patient, who legally adopted a female name last year, had long wished to dress as, and assume the appearance of, a woman.