assume the character of

References in classic literature ?
At least, therefore, I did not assume the character of needless precipitance merely to show off before the ladies.
But then, having some qualms as to the truth of the assertion, and seeing that if he were to assume the character of an old boy he couldn't go on asking the questions he wanted, added--"That is to say, I'm on my way there.
It was time for me to assume the character of an ambassador, and the negotiation would not be difficult except in the matter of keeping my countenance.
A small Chicago company is finishing a video game titled "We Are Chicago," in which players assume the character of a teenage boy in an unnamed city neighbourhood.
Students can assume the character of the narrator / speaker, telling the story in a different form and exploring his or her possible future reactions or actions.
In the first case, Christianity engages culture, we might say--it permits its testimony to Christ to assume the character of the particular questions and as Tillich described, the 'situation' of the day.
By shunning the strict question-and-answer format, these compelling conversations assume the character of what the French call testaments.
mandated disarmament obligations, the list could assume the character of final UNMOVIC demands to cooperate with U.
That the term "counterfeit" contains both of these resonances (to practice deceit, or even to assume the character of another person, and to create that which is illegitimate, especially for financial gain) suggests that counterfeits would mark connections between crises of identity and social relations, on the one hand, and more explicitly economic crises, on the other.