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It showed that our course was north by west--that is, one point west of north, which was, for our assumed position, about right.
Although they worked in a variety of fields as merchants, tradesman, artisans, money-changers, translators, farmers and fisherman alongside non-European Christians or Moslems they were set apart and eventually assumed positions of power.
Wicherek joined the Institute of Gas Technology in 1975 as an accountant and has assumed positions of increasing responsibility since that time, moving through the ranks of accounting management and treasurer roles.
Alan Postel joined CMC in 1974 as a manager trainee and has assumed positions of increasing responsibility in the division, having been named COO in March of 2004.
Dozens assumed positions just outside the doors of the Al Aqsa Mosque itself.
Gillum joined Circuit City in 1968 as an assistant manager and assumed positions of increasing responsibility in store operations and in merchandising.
He joined the company in 2002 as manager of strategy for the company's BioScience business, and over the years assumed positions of increasing responsibility, including vice president of financial planning, and vice president of finance for the company's operations in Europe, Middle East and Africa.
Phillips began her career at Wal-Mart stores in 1998, and during a nearly 10-year tenure assumed positions of increasing responsibility.
According to diplomatic sources in Macedonia and Greece, mediator Nimetz may table some of the previously tabled combinations thus probing how willing both parties are to take a step back from their formerly assumed positions in the light of Merkel's latest statement that a fair compromise is reached when both parties are equally unsatisfied.
His first position in 1978 was as a field engineer in the firm's Boston office and he assumed positions of greater responsibility in the years that followed.
Cil began his career with BKC in 2000, as a senior attorney and quickly assumed positions of increasing responsibility within the Global Operations function.
Robison joined Peabody in 1996 as Director - Business Development and has assumed positions of increasing responsibility since that time, serving in vice president roles in mining decision support and process improvement.