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While Spikowsky is a medical professional, his assumedly gender normative worldview, and his perception of her as 'very authentic', plays a role in his decision to grant her the right to have genital reconstruction.
In a progressive-tax environment where higher rates generally apply to people with higher income, and thus assumedly to richer taxpayers, the utility theory explains the inverse relationship between tax rates and the level of compliance.
The owners of the zombie computers assumedly lacked the requisite intent to perpetrate the attacks and therefore should be appropriately characterized as third party victims or unknowing accomplices.
The driver was assumedly forced to steer the transport vehicle into guardrails in conjunction with Highway 11 to save the truck from a head-on collision.
For these meetings, Whittaker left them alone, and he probably knew of their relationship but assumedly did not reveal it.
Seated at his desk with his back turned against her, he is unaware at first of being observed until he is hit by what assumedly are the stimuli of her gaze and he looks up and turns towards her.
I told him that he was governor then and we had the whole story which would assumedly be published in coming days.
Nevertheless, only fifteen days before his death, LiGreci's attorney-in-fact amended the trust, removing the trustee and successor trustee who had, assumedly, so faithfully served LeGreci for the past two decades.
124) In response, the court employed a rational basis review of the decision, and trusted Minneapolis' assertion that it was more efficient to concentrate on the assumedly female "'sellers of sexual services, rather than on the buyers.
physically present in New York (and assumedly en route to California),
Kazatomprom announced a cap on production of uranium at 20,000 tons per year in October 2011, assumedly to control global uranium prices.
Although commissioned by EPA, assumedly to bolster the scientific credibility of the activists' studies, the peer reviewers instead highlight significant problems with scientific methodology and highly questionable or wholly inadequate conclusions;