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As a subjugated subjects, subaltern's agency is assumedly weak and can never confront brutality of the power-that-be.
Indeed, even within the compass of individual plays, avowedly freethinking figures like Edmund and lago--Hegel's second and third epitomes of "free artists"--are bound on a wheel spun by the ordering pen of their author-playwright who condemns them to do all that they do and, in Iago's case, to fall inevitably into an only assumedly willed silence in the end.
This figure is likely higher, as the shame and emotional toll of this condition assumedly lead to underreporting.
In the numerical simulation of oscillating cooling in piston oil cooling gallery, possible heat transfer between oil phase and oil vapor phase was assumedly ignored.
Assumedly, the out-come was affected by the low frequency of sampling, although investigation of other pelagic-related habitats, such as sediments (Lokko et al., 2014) or connecting freshwater bodies like Lake Liepaja (Fig.
Since phase conjugation has been observed in nanoparticles (Hsieh 2010), fluorocarbons (Yoshida 1997) and sodium atoms (Hemmer, 1995), these molecules assumedly contain a phase conjugation mirror.
Someone who drinks would assumedly be open to marijuana.
Besides the second option being (assumedly) more appealing to the service member, it is also far more expensive.
'A casual meal like a potluck that involves a number of assumedly diverse dishes would need versatile and easily accessible wines,' he explains.
When such an individual assumedly leaves these walls behind and invades another country--Gondor or the Shire--these walls inevitably come along.