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The consideration B received in the form of the liability C assumed ($30,000) is offset by the consideration B gave by assuming the $20,000 liability; the net amount, $10,000, is treated as money or other property.
Whereas, Hold Harmless Agreements involve contractually assuming another organization's tort liability, Indemnity Agreements or Indemnification Clauses define a contractual relationship where the second party agrees to reimburse the first party for damages (including settlements) and/or expenses (including attorney fees, court, and expert witness fees, etc.
After assuming a comfortable starting position, the athlete lowers the trunk and center of gravity by continued flexion of the hip, knee, ankle, and right leg.
To accomplish this goal, law enforcement agencies must establish credibility within the community by assuming responsibility for the sensitive and thorough investigation of all sexual assault complaints and providing leadership concerning this area of criminal forensics.
Assuming Revenue Canada agrees, we urge it to issue public guidance on the degree and scope of administrative tolerance.
In any acquisition, Reed notes, one either has to assume the acquiring company would have some sort of change of control provision, which means it has to come up with cash to pay the debt as part of the acquisition, or it has to come up with an alternative financing source without actually assuming the specific debt instrument.
We've been awfully provincial in assuming that our findings in social psychology reflect human nature," she argues.
If the 99-percent confidence interval isn't critical, then you can explore the investment decision further without concern for undue financial impact, assuming your risk management strategy has established structures to deal with aberrations, such as multi-year risk-financing arrangements (see box on page 46 for a guide to the accounting treatment).
His work is based on directly solving the steady state diffusion-oxidation equation using concentration as the primary unknown and assuming a first-order oxidation reaction.
But in so assuming, these people unwittingly have provided the rest of us with our best occasion so far to understand and to talk about the need for sound and reasonably self-sufficient local food economies.
These methods were developed extensively for analyzing the HIV epidemic, both for estimating past infection rates, assuming a known incubation period distribution (6,7), and for estimating incubation, assuming a known infection pattern (8,9).