assuming ownership

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How telco management goes about assuming ownership and creating a climate in which employees assume ownership of their jobs, responsibilities and the organization overall can be achieved by first understanding how victory, motivation, passion and ownership are interlinked.
According to CRES President Paul Elliott, upon assuming ownership, Soundview initiated major renovations and, with each new tenant, came custom renovations to accommodate the tenant's individual specifications.
Under the provision, builders and developers must have a qualified professional conduct a thorough investigation of the site and document the potential for contagion before assuming ownership of the property.
TAPPI is assuming ownership of the Paper Summit exhibition from Paperloop Inc.
On Tuesday, the city will vote to offer additional help by assuming ownership of the chamber's building while allowing the group to make its mortgage payments to the bank over the next seven years.
The CCRMA has several powers, including tolling portions of state roads, or assuming ownership of nonstate roads such as the bridge system.
Since assuming ownership, the property's occupancy rate has risen to 85 percent.
Spano also spent $400,000 of the team's money after fraudulently assuming ownership.
Over 1,200 individuals have been awarded the REBC designation, including those granted by The American College since assuming ownership of the program in 1995.
Since assuming ownership of the former Cerro Wire site, Tribune Company has assumed a leadership role in eliminating the environmental problems' that lingered on the site from its prior use.
Because Trizec is not assuming ownership of Sears Tower, the
With the option, Cabletel management will have the ability to further evaluate the continuing prospects for the Allied business before assuming ownership.