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But I had the greatest possible difficulty in obtaining any information on points that really interested me; for the Monarch could not refrain from constantly assuming that whatever was familiar to him must also be known to me and that I was simulating ignorance in jest.
For example, rather than assuming that all the options are exercised if the stock price reaches a selected multiple of the exercise price, a lattice model also can permit the assumption that only a certain percentage of outstanding options are exercised.
The remediation time for the HEPA/vaccine plan was computed by assuming that 1,000 Hazmat workers (using level C protection) are available to perform remediation 10 h per day, which is [approximately equal to] 3 times larger than the labor force used at the Brentwood and Hart buildings, and that 200 samplers can each perform 24 samples in 4 h plus have 6 h for donning and removing protective gear, rest, and rehydration.
If A is treated as a corporation, and assuming that Secs.
Economist David Montgomery of Charles River Associates notes that even assuming that the U.
We've been awfully provincial in assuming that our findings in social psychology reflect human nature," she argues.
In calculating associated liabilities, most corporations employ a sliding scale; generally assuming that health care costs will rise 8%-11% in 2004, with the growth rate gradually declining to 5% over a period of five to six years.
In addition, a later analysis (13) claiming to confirm the impact of age on risk for infection did so only by assuming that age had no influence on subsequent risk for death.
Assuming that no material modification of the liability occurs and that no election to apply a different set of regulations is made, the general effective date rules are as follows.
ownership would have had, assuming that the Company took
Earnings for UI in 2003, assuming that the Company is able to achieve the allowed rate of return of 10.
This effect was quantified by assuming that capital charges on each insurer's entire book of California exposure was increased by 10%.