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This study concludes firstly that poor oral hygiene attitude results into the bad breath or halitosis formation and secondly most of the subjects are having no hindrance in communication assumingly due to lack of self perception, lack of awareness about their own halitosis and lack of knowledge about the causes of oral malodor.
And secondly, the recent book Embracing Israel/Palestine, by Rabbi Michael Lerner, a passionate though wonderfully balanced book which looks at assumingly intractable situations from a position of expansive historical knowledge, offering suggestions as to how both sides might free themselves from the current impasse.
People tend to view development as an essential and normal process, but when this process becomes increasingly dependent on over-exploitation of our natural resources, the replenishment of these reserves and supplies is affected -- and managing this imbalance assumingly demands a slightly different school of thought.
The determination of whether the sleeping conditions and environment is appropriate for the students' sleep hygiene depended on the statements by the family and it also depended on their assumingly subjective perceptions.
The different sources of chicken breeds were therefore, assumingly used to develop the indigenous chickens that are currently raised in all rural places of Jordan (Al-Atiyat, 2009).
Assumingly, the same problems which endanger men's health undermine discussion about it, leading to the lack of funding for independent men's health research, thus reducing further the capacity to garner this type of evidence.
Assumingly, three given facilities are to be put in commission in 2016.
It assumingly must have raised an alarm in the mind of friend on the other end when I heard her assure the friend that it was not some other person who took the first spot but the horses.
Assumingly, such 'learning type' organizations stimulate and enable their employees to be innovative and flexible.
From one point of view, this call signals the availability of a prediction under way that the political strife in Syria might be drawing to a close, assumingly under the impact of the latest revolt successes, including in particular the bombing of the tightly-guarded national security premises in the capital Damascus and the following encroaches into the city of Aleppo, considered until then the largest metropolitan base of unanimous support for the Assad regime.
Assumingly, exports in next two years growing at 10 per cent per annum in the textile items that are qualified for concession would reach euro 500 million by the end of 2013.
Aside from the abundance of smaller events set to take place in London during this time, the Olympics alone are a monumental historical event with an unparalleled atmosphere and sense of national pride - which assumingly many UK citizens want to be part of.