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Counselors can contribute a great deal to the recovery of individuals with aphasia by helping them find ways to express their grief at the loss of their assumptive world.
The analogy with the ocean dictates the rhythm of the narrative, and Roiphe's observations about changes in her assumptive world view and her "unobserved" self come in waves, interspersed with her attempts to meet new men and rebuild her life.
Assumptive world of traumatized south african adults.
Largely located in western Canada, it was composed mainly of second--and third-generation Europeans who considered their cultural heritages denigrated by the assumptive title of the Commission.
The PQ meter has been placed at node 832 to be in the middle of the test feeder as well as being one main branch and the near to assumptive sensitive loads in bus 890.
Kayani but it can fall victim to the brewing internal discomfort within the army as the media and the civil society debates the army's rather assumptive interventions in the affairs of the state.
Flowing from this case is the assumptive creation of the "border search exception" allowing for warrantless searches within 100 miles of the border.
The book suffers from an over-emphasis on interventions and insufficient attention to case management, an assumptive world that implies offenders are just recipients of the wisdom and techniques of professionals and not full partners in change, a splitting off of such dimensions as reparation and victim centred work, and a relative neglect of partnership with other community services.
Such a project could stand the assumptive logic of philosophy on its metaphysical and ethical head; just as a similarly blackened project has turned the assumptive logic of critical theory (specifically, its starting point, which assumes subjectivity) on its relational head.
Overexposure to traumatic material may cause a counselor to question values and assumptive beliefs previously held deeply and lead to disengagement with clients and alterations in thoughts, behaviors, and relationships (1990).
This assumptive technique, designed to eliminate the possibility of a "no" answer, is built on the same idea of gaining lots of little "yes" answers so it becomes difficult to say no later.
Only a system that operates on assumptive arrogance would issue the following public statement printed in the October 22, Ottawa Citizen, "The finance minister does not discuss cabinet confidences with Ms.