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2006, 'Meaning reconstruction in the context of religious coping: Rebuilding the shattered assumptive world', Omega: The Journal of Death and Dying 53(1&2), 87-104.
They have both cognitive-rational (objective meaning) and communicative-rational (normative meaning) components, which intermingle to produce an assumptive world: a "cognitive map of the world out there" (Young 1977, p.
Don't be afraid to make assumptive statements like, "Can we start in 10 days?
The long-held assumptive link between genius and mental illness is most often associated with men, while famous women with a mental illness are often placed into the category of the melodramatic woman who cannot be controlled (see also Bell in this issue).
Often, these traumatic deaths challenge the assumptive order, reminding officers about the dangerous nature of their work and showing that careful actions do not always reduce risks.
These were: the demanding style, the eliciting style, the collaborating style and the assumptive style.
29) These categorizations are the result of an assumptive analytical framework being imposed upon a set of data in order to discern patterns in public attitudes towards science policy.
You don't have to be afraid to test script changes, more assumptive appeals, new types of programs and different offers, because the telephone is truly dynamic.
138), but even so Berndt-Ersoz's chronology is compelling, as it is more comprehensive and less assumptive than any other yet presented.
Michael Irwin, reviewing Ralph Pite's biography, Thomas Hardy: The Guarded Life (Picador, 2006), calls this assumptive manner of presenting a case, the "treading on air" hypothesis: "this [speculative] mode of proceeding" suffers from the weakness of appearing to present evidence which is "so interpreted as to conduce to a conclusion" (Thomas Hardy Journal, 2006, pp.
Skipping this step usually leads to an assumptive diagnosis of "health," which is often followed by the dispensing of a prophy.
Assumptive: Assumptive questions contain a built-in assumption that will be confirmed or denied by the response.