assure oneself

See: ascertain
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Here are 10 things to do before Christmas to assure oneself a fabulous 2016:
You may kindly note that in a letter dated 13 May 2013 addressed to the Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu and Kerala with copies to the PMO and Secretary DAE, many responsible Indian scientists and engineers, writing in their personal capacities regarding KKNPP "are of the opinion that when dealing with complex and potentially dangerous technologies, transparency, honesty and a rigorous adherence to the highest quality standards are imperative", and "Any exercise to assure oneself of the quality of components used will have to be done before the plant is commissioned.
One does not, for instance, need to assure oneself of the existence of God before permitting oneself to give thanks; rather, it is in coming to see the sense in giving thanks that one comes to see the sense in believing in God.
For example, if a student were exhibiting severe aggressive behaviors such as biting, hitting, or kicking others, it would be unethical to withdraw an effective treatment simply to assure oneself that an intervention was effective.
Accordingly, the first thing anyone should do when dealing with a renovator is to assure oneself that the renovator is licensed.