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The answer of God's word assuredly is, Yes, indeed; for you.
as*sured*ly \-'sh{udot}r-[schwa]d-l[macron over e]\ adverb <I will most assuredly win.
I most assuredly mean no lessening of the severity of any combat-related injuries nor of their suffering, but I think Commander Dempsey stated the issue clearly and concisely in saying: "How a veteran is disabled should not be a concern of ours, as long as the veteran served honorably.
Maybe not in cash, but assuredly in valuable lore and history and even better, love of reading, the answer is a resounding yes
Her ache permeates her striking work on writing and reading of the other, with the other in this case most assuredly being the living being that was and the ghost that now is Derrida.
I was there, and most assuredly it was far too soon.
Because there is assuredly no room in that state for Mary's baby.
Like the two of them, I was a UNC varsity athlete, but their status comes from their value on the athletic field, and mine, a one-year walk-on marginal track and fielder, most assuredly does not.
The outcome of this assuredly spiritual opportunity was obvious.
And less than a year ago, following a series of investigative articles, the Houston Chronicle editorialized that Ruben Cantu "was almost assuredly innocent when killed by the state of Texas.
Though the demographics of the American population assuredly have helped exacerbate the situation, economist Thomas Sowell has correctly observed that the "only reason changing demographics are a problem is because Social Security was never insurance in the first place, even though it was politically expedient to describe it that way.