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Again, "Who, when in the state of absolute bewilderment and no clear assuredness, do you turn for impartial and honest truth?
A second series of a successful show is often even better than the first series because there's a confidence and assuredness.
There has been a calm assuredness about the way that Blues have revamped their squad with the best pieces of business, in my view, having been the contract extensions of strikers Clayton Donaldson and Demarai Gray.
Ormsby's words are seldom flashy, but glow steadily with both transparency and assuredness.
Closer to home, the event led me to think about how critics, dealers, curators, and artists might negotiate and attend to identity, embodiment, and the body with less assuredness and greater complexity.
But such is the unvarnished assuredness of Munro's prose, the knowing intimacy of her plots--it is easy to believe she is writing for you alone.
Such gusto, engagement, curiosity, breadth, imagination, assuredness, risk-taking, and diligence
Valbuena, 29, rewarded Deschamps's faith in giving him a roving role by producing a lively performance with, including a goal, his sixth in 36 appearances, while Real Madrid central defender Varane played with an assuredness and maturity beyond his 21 years.
Gone is the self assuredness displayed before the Delhi assembly elections.
Naturally, shareholders want assuredness of the future of a company just as much as they do the immediate value available, but it is understood that investment today in short-term projects will ideally mean long-term value.
The family difficulties surrounding her father's redundancy and her smallest sister's deafness are chronicled with an unerring assuredness, humour and a complete absence of sentimentality.
Sounding at times like Sumday-era Grandaddy, at others like Belle & Sebastian, he flits between alt-rock and acoustic twee with ease and assuredness.