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A person protected by insurance coverage against loss or damage stipulated by the provisions of a policy purchased from an insurance company or an underwriter.

Assured is synonymous with insured.

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n. the person or entity that is insured, often found in insurance contracts. (See: insurance)

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ASSURED. A person who has been insured by some insurance company, or underwriter, against losses or perils mentioned in the policy of insurance. Vide Insured.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Again, "Who, when in the state of absolute bewilderment and no clear assuredness, do you turn for impartial and honest truth?" As we treat every patient that we have the privilege to serve the very best and most thorough advice, instruction and care that we have to offer through our comprehensive network, so should we rest assured when our loved ones or we ourselves are on the line of a potential or real catastrophic event/condition, that we have turned every stone in our efforts to alleviate said problem.
The girl sure has the same incredible whistler tone to her voice but doesn't yet have any of the self assuredness, stage presence and confidence of the elusive chanteuse.
She is excited and confident, and her assuredness seems to rub off on him; he goes back in and puts his best foot forward.
Phil on It is still early days but the 32-year-old has brought an assuredness to a backline which conceded 55 goals last season under Roberto Martinez, 30 of which came at home, as they threw away leads with alarming regularity.
And it's that defensive assuredness in Tim Tuchel's side that may well ensure that the first leg of tonight's Europa League is a tight one.
The all-round quality, assuredness, extra experience and composure of Webb is a winner for me and I believe his presence would help bring the best out of the Welsh back division.
The Buddies' organisation and assuredness was providing a problem for the home side, who were laborious in their attempts to get the breakthrough.
'A second series of a successful show is often even better than the first series because there's a confidence and assuredness.' Our appetites are officially whetted...
There has been a calm assuredness about the way that Blues have revamped their squad with the best pieces of business, in my view, having been the contract extensions of strikers Clayton Donaldson and Demarai Gray.
Ormsby's words are seldom flashy, but glow steadily with both transparency and assuredness. 'The Flamethrower': We were all in the lap of the gods, as Smokey said, / an unpredictable, tumescent place.
But such is the unvarnished assuredness of Munro's prose, the knowing intimacy of her plots--it is easy to believe she is writing for you alone.
Closer to home, the event led me to think about how critics, dealers, curators, and artists might negotiate and attend to identity, embodiment, and the body with less assuredness and greater complexity.