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A person protected by insurance coverage against loss or damage stipulated by the provisions of a policy purchased from an insurance company or an underwriter.

Assured is synonymous with insured.


n. the person or entity that is insured, often found in insurance contracts. (See: insurance)

ASSURED. A person who has been insured by some insurance company, or underwriter, against losses or perils mentioned in the policy of insurance. Vide Insured.

References in classic literature ?
Having assured himself that we were fully enlightened on this point, he proceeded to another branch of his subject.
There was a moment's delay as he assured himself that he had everything necessary.
As Lord Fellamar was very well assured that he was meant by Lady Bellaston, so, never having heard nor suspected a word of Blifil, he made no doubt of his being meant by the father.
very strong capital adequacy, strong competitive position built on a record of credit discipline, diverse underwriting strategy with a well thought out and measured approach to global structured finance and international markets, flexibility to capitalize on growth trends and pricing opportunities in a market when other markets see less-favorable trends, ability to absorb losses based on its entire exposure to issuers in Puerto Rico of roughly $3.4 billion with no change to Assureds Guarantys capital adequacy score or financial risk profile.
In its June 26th report, S&P noted Assured Guarantys:
In response to the report, Dominic Frederico, President and CEO of Assured Guaranty said:
The stable outlook indicates that S&P expects, as we do, that Assured Guaranty will continue to have both very strong capital adequacy and a strong competitive profile, based on its leading position in the U.S.
capital position could absorb losses on its entire exposure to issuers in Puerto Rico of roughly $3 billion andthere would be no change in Assureds capital adequacy score or financial risk profile
Once again, S&P affirmed Assured Guarantys AA stable rating.
As a result, based on our understanding of S&Ps capital adequacy model, we estimate that Assured Guaranty had $2.8 billion of capital in excess of S&Ps AAA requirement at year-end 2017.