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The GSEs will be one of the first things to which attention will be given," he says assuringly.
Close attention has been paid to quality with the C4, the dash materials and elsewhere look classy and the doors, handles and switchgear felt assuringly solid.
Save for this, the V40 performed well, handling easily but assuringly.
UNAMID saw its mandate extended by another year on 31 July 2008, by way of Council resolution 1828, in which the Council: "Noting with strong concern ongoing attacks on the civilian population and humanitarian workers and continued and widespread sexual violence"; "Reiterating its deep concern for the decreasing security of humanitarian personnel, including killings of humanitarian workers eC* and the hindering of their access to populations in need"; "Demanding an end to attacks on civilians eC* including by aerial bombing"; "Welcomes the intention of the Secretary-General to deploy 80 per cent of UNAMID by 31 December 2008"; and, assuringly, "Decides to remain seized of the matter".