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(Left) For ninang Pinang Valencia: Assymetrical lines with beads.
Summary: Instead of modern weapons Iran uses assymetrical means to destablise the region
Thanks to the Sino-Soviet split in the 1960s, the assymetrical nature of the Sino-North Korean relationship was virtually resolved.
The delivery was uneventful, aside from issues with assymetrical epidural block requiring manipulation.
The thick Ge layers were grown using germanium and low-temperature annealing (400/750[degrees]C) process owing to the difference in their mechanical properties such as thermal expansion of Ge and Si resulting in an assymetrical structure of the device.
From this standpoint, the extensive continuum of actualities that determines their material ground of sequential connection and recursive calculations splits itself into thousands of quantities, the assymetrical reassemblage of which becomes a nexus of actualities or a space-event.
The collection featured everything from fitted to assymetrical pieces -- offering something for everyone -- but the highlights were the collared shirts with gold embroidered patterns and the oversized pearl earrings.
Eventually, however, this was almost completely demolished, making way for a home built in the Scottish Jacobean style with detailed gables and dormers with an assymetrical front elevation laced with strapwork.
Assymetrical Regionalism: China, Southeast Asia and Uneven Development.
Beyond media imperialism: Assymetrical interdependence and cultural proximity.
Tenders are invited for Assymetrical On/Off Timer Unit
(4) But the comparison with Levinas is broad, rather brief, and is mostly concerned with how Lawrence's view of otherness is not as severe or dogmatic as Levinas's characterization of a non-reciprocal, assymetrical ethical relation.