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To determine the causative relationship between the adverse event observed (the asthenia, which we diagnosed as a symptom of muscle damage) and the intake of the black cohosh extract we used the Naranjo ADR probability scale, which is most widely accepted as a decisional algorithm for the assessment of drug-induced adverse reactions.
Asthenia, Mary Worrall's secondary cause of death, denotes symptoms of physical weakness and loss of strength; a condition commonly connected with wasting diseases such as cancer.
In January 2006, a 75-year-old female patient (patient 4) returned from Reunion with a sudden-onset fever, asthenia, arthralgia with wrist pain, and diarrhea.
Asthenia appeared 2 months later when she was advised to discontinue the therapy.
Asthenia as rated by the Functional Assessment of Cancer Therapy-Anemia (FACT-An) scale worsened by a mean of points in the placebo group from baseline to cycle four.
Additionally, some complaints of gastrointestinal intolerance (pain, nausea and diarrhea), headache, insomnia and asthenia (weakness) have been documented.
The other extradermatologic signs were asthenia in 17 patients (77%), headache in 13 (59%), muscle pain in 12 (55%), swelling in 10 (45%), peripheral lymphadenopathy in 9 (41%), bleeding from the nose or gums in 4 (18%), nausea or vomiting in 3 (14%), and eyesight trouble in 1 (4%).
We report the case of a woman with severe asthenia and very high blood levels of creatine phosphokinase and lactate dehydrogenase.
These included fever, pruritus, rash, vasodilation, asthenia, headache, paresthesia, and redness at the injection site.