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The analysis of secondary factors showed the asthenic syndrome to be most expressed in the first testing period, followed by conversion syndrome, while aggressive-antisocial syndrome was the least expressed one.
The religious feelings include the combination of asthenic, asthenic pre-religious experiences.
Several early open-label studies of asthenic syndrome also suggested that R.
Such a direction of changes and relationship of body length to body weight detectable in the course of years results in an asthenic build of contemporary neonates in the Swietokrzyskie Region.
points out the following affective disorders which take place in the incipient stage of remission: asthenic depression (hypo and hypersthenic form); dysphoric depression; hypochondriac depression; "typical" depression with symptoms that are specific to endogenous depressive moods.
Physical examination revealed that the patient had lost weight, was asthenic and pale.
figure 5) On the fourth year of observation the patient presented a severe headache with deterioration in her consciousness being somnolent and asthenic.
9) The clinical features of depressive episodes comorbid or associated with PTSD have some characteristics making it possible to individualize various clinical forms as a function of traumatic event type: asthenic, characterial or with somatic symptoms.
The test consists of 140 questions and detects the following components of communicative activity: dynamic (natural), sthenic and asthenic, motivational dimension, cognitive dimension, regulatory dimension, productive dimension, as well as two types of communication difficulties.
In the integrated analysis, the most commonly reported adverse events were asthenic conditions (including fatigue, malaise, and weakness) (64%), nausea (55%), diarrhea (52%), constipation (41%), peripheral neuropathy NEC (including peripheral sensory neuropathy and peripheral neuropathy aggravated) (39%), thrombocytopenia and appetite decreased (including anorexia) (each 36%), pyrexia (34%), vomiting (33%), and anemia (29%).
Attention deficit disorder (without hyperactivity), anxiety-depressive disorders as well as asthenic symptoms were observed most frequently.
A postural or asthenic roundback--also called a "hunchback"--is a frequent parental complaint, Dr.