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As well as customising lenses to a patient's 'as worn' position and variable inset, Optik Mizen optimised the lenses by concentrating as much of the astigmatism as possible outside of the final cut lens shape--a process the company calls matrix assimilation.
Internal astigmatism was greater in subjects without myopia, who were better able to compensate for corneal astigmatism.
In our study we have aimed to evaluate the magnitude of surgically induced astigmatism after SICS and phacoemulsification in 100 consecutive patients based on the incision in the steepest meridian on the magnitude of the pre-existing astigmatism.
Amount of astigmatism less than 1 D was detected in 66% cases, whereas 23% cases had astigmatism between 1.
Conclusion: The amount and axis of astigmatism varied within the age sub-groups and within the gender.
Conventional soft contact lenses mould themselves to the shape of the cornea and normally can only correct mild cases of astigmatism.
Conclusion: Steepest meridian phaco-incision results in significant decrease in pre-operative astigmatism than routine phaco-incision on temporal side.
Recently, lens designers have produced contacts for astigmatism.
Arizona optical designer Richard Buchroeder has devised a simple equation that helps observers with astigmatism decide when they should wear their glasses: A [less than or equal to] 1/[-square root of D].