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They were astonished to observe me without the usual hair or skin, except on my head, face, and hands; but I discovered that secret to my master upon an accident which happened about a fortnight before.
In the meantime, he desired "I would go on with my utmost diligence to learn their language, because he was more astonished at my capacity for speech and reason, than at the figure of my body, whether it were covered or not;" adding, "that he waited with some impatience to hear the wonders which I promised to tell him.
He agreed; and I went on by assuring him, that the ship was made by creatures like myself; who, in all the countries I had travelled, as well as in my own, were the only governing rational animals; and that upon my arrival hither, I was as much astonished to see the HOUYHNHNMS act like rational beings, as he, or his friends, could be, in finding some marks of reason in a creature he was pleased to call a YAHOO; to which I owned my resemblance in every part, but could not account for their degenerate and brutal nature.
When the people saw the Hazel-nut child they were much astonished, and took him with the stork to the King of the country.
But I do know that it was even more marvellous than either of the others, so that the genius was astonished, and said to the third old man, "I will give up to you the third part of the merchant's punishment.
I do not doubt it," replied he, rather astonished at her earnestness and warmth; for had he not imagined it to be a joke for the good of her acquaintance in general, founded only on a something or a nothing between Mr.
Although Astonished was impressive at Doncaster, I refuse to get carried away by the hype.
THE Balding family insisted over the weekend that Kieren Fallon would be riding Grangeville in Saturday's Ayr Gold Cup rather than ante-post favourite Astonished.
ASTONISHED, runaway winner of Wednesday's Portland Handicap, may need a new rider when he bids to follow up a week today in the Ladbrokes Ayr Gold Cup, for which he is hot favourite.
ASTONISHED turned one of the year's toughest sprint handicaps into a cakewalk at Doncaster yesterday with a victory in the Tote Trifecta Portland Handicap that was hatched in Paris, writes Tony Smurthwaite.
YESTERDAY'S allegedly competitive Portland Handicap proved anything but, with Astonished sauntering home by a four-length margin that could easily have been six.
This year I went to visit a safe house and I was completely astonished by the work that they do.