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From our new Cape Horn in Denmark, a chain of mountains, scarcely half the height of the Alps, would run in a straight line due southward; and on its western flank every deep creek of the sea, or fiord, would end in "bold and astonishing glaciers.
Then, however, there happened that which in this astonishing long day was most astonishing: the ugliest man began once more and for the last time to gurgle and snort, and when he had at length found expression, behold
Our road's bins have been un-emptied well into the third day after the due day and whilst we know from previous reports that the council has no interest in the appearance of our streets - even apparently those in Conservation Areas - for them to leave those streets cluttered with wheelie bins unnecessarily for a full 72 hours each week is a demonstration of indifference at an astonishing level.
It is astonishing that there has not been more debate about all these issues in England, Wales and Northern Ireland".
This imbalance in the judicial system is both astonishing and appalling.
LOVE YOUR GARDEN Tue ITV 8pm NEW SERIES An astonishing 50 years ago, a young Alan Titchmarsh started digging, planting and pruning, and he hasn't stopped since.
The numbers are truly astonishing," said Cate Turton, of Britain's Department for International Development.
IN addressing an Opposition debate within the House of Commons, delving into the issue as to whether teachers should be qualified or not, it was astonishing to note that no Liberal MP considered the issue sufficiently important to vote at the end of the debate.
The astonishing response meant more than 18 people applied for every job advertised at a new Tesco Extra shop in West Bromwich.
ALEX SMITH revealed his initial reaction was sadness when Sir Alex Ferguson texted him with the news he was bringing the curtain down on his astonishing managerial career.
Summary: Police in New Jersey have released astonishing footage of a crash involving a drunk driver.
Instant expert An astonishing array of masterpieces by some of the world's greatest names came up for sale a few weeks ago in London.