astonishing thing

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Even Coleman said publicly this week he believes Short's 'love for the club' is a thing of the past, which is a pretty astonishing thing for a manager to say about his employer.
This is almost the most astonishing thing that we have seen from the EC in recent memory.
The astonishing thing is that the government's own plan accepts that diesel is at the root of the problem, and that phasing it out is the most effective solution.
Viewed from the distance of the moon, the astonishing thing about the Earth, catching the breath, is that it is alive.
Perhaps the most astonishing thing about the glory days of Al Capone--Scarface, Big Al, Public Enemy Number One--is how short they were: six years, from mid-level thug to big boss to jail.
The astonishing thing is that President Anastasiades, who back in 2004 was warning that a non-settlement would have had this consequence -- Cyprus being flooded by Turkish settlers -- today does not dare to remind them.
The astonishing thing is that our penal code is clear regarding the penalties for narcotics, and yet the industry's top brass are well-known figures with open and clear ties to top state officials.
are a common seen here and more astonishing thing is that traffic police keep themselves away, portraying that it is a private and personal matter between the two parties.
He said: "The astonishing thing is when we asked the question, 'if the government introduced mandatory funding requirements, would this be a good idea' and 85 per cent said yes.
The astonishing thing what we read in the media is that 95 of those, who were in the last parliament have failed their GCE (O) Level, a minimum qualification required for a peon these days, to get a job in any office.
He adds, "The astonishing thing is that they (ISIS) are fighting the immorality of the West .
The most astonishing thing is that the complaint says Ben Lorello, who is head of investment banking at Jeferries - a top health-care banker and very powerful guy on Wall Street - was part of a cadre of guys who do cocaine all of the time," the Wall Street source told The New York Post.