astonishing thing

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But the astonishing thing about him was the manner in which he was dressed.
This astonishing thing could not have been better arranged if he had planned it himself.
the astonishing thing would be, if I could have lost that memory, however bad it might have been.
The magic egg-cup I usually carried about with me, and with its connivance I did some astonishing things with pennies, but even the penny that costs sixpence is uncertain, and just when you are saying triumphantly that it will be found in the egg-cup, it may clatter to the ground, whereon some ungenerous spectator, such as Irene, accuses you of fibbing and corrupting youthful minds.
We have seen something of palmistry in our wanderings, and know very well what astonishing things it can do.
He believed that until dear Unc Nunkie was restored to life he could feel no joy in anything, and often he wished that Unc could be with him, to see all the astonishing things Ojo was seeing.
He adds, "The astonishing thing is that they (ISIS) are fighting the immorality of the West .
The most astonishing thing is that the complaint says Ben Lorello, who is head of investment banking at Jeferries - a top health-care banker and very powerful guy on Wall Street - was part of a cadre of guys who do cocaine all of the time," the Wall Street source told The New York Post.
The most astonishing thing about the second half last Sunday was the fact Leicester were the better team.
And the most astonishing thing is that the people are always willingly eager to fulfil the desires of these beggars.
Clashes between the passengers and staff of public service vehicles are a common seen here and more astonishing thing is that traffic police keep themselves away, portraying that it is a personal matter between the two parties.
When you think that debt mountain just a few days ago was four times the size of the club's annual turnover, it just shows what an astonishing thing it is to be able to say Cardiff City is now financially stable.