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Astonishingly, Webb escaped being struck off and received a reprimand, which will stay on his record for two years, the Daily Mail reports.
Astonishingly, Applegarth was refitted for service Picture: Courtesy of JOHN SAVILLE, Wallasey
The second fastest road in the country, the M6 Toll, is indeed astonishingly free of traffic.
And, most astonishingly, the article cited an Institute of Medicine estimate that 18,000 Americans die unnecessarily each year due to lack of health insurance.
The astonishingly prolific Cornwell has penned another fine historical tale of adventure and intrigue, as fresh and lively as if it were his first rather than his 44th novel.
I'd like to focus for a moment on technology, and on the astonishingly easy and quick availability of information online--on virtually any subject the curious Web surfer can think of.
The current stock of books, CDs, cards, prayer books, Bibles and vestments remains astonishingly impressive, as are the sections relating to other denominations.
The first 'bubble diagram' of London appeared, astonishingly enough, in 1943 in the middle of the Second World War.
But the Iraq war has expanded the terrorists' ranks: the year 2003 saw the highest incidence of significant terrorist attacks in two decades, and then, in 2004, astonishingly, that number tripled.
A higher dimensional balance between an ultra-wide color gamut of 110% for NTSC and high luminance of 400cd/m2 has been achieved by optimizing the back-light system and the color filter based on the high transmissivity of LTPS thin film transistor (TFT) LCD technology, realizing astonishingly clear and vivid color reproduction that has been insufficient in small-sized LCD modules for mobile devices such as mobile phones, PDAs and digital cameras to date.
THE HERITAGE that Paul Taylor absorbed while growing up in the modern dance scene was astonishingly productive and clear.