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DRIVERS who are accident prone as a result of their own tendency for losing concentration or becoming distracted, appear to be astonishingly indifferent about it.
I still recall with some affection a full-evening Cleopatra created, almost astonishingly, by Murray Louis for the Royal Danish Ballet
Stein's astonishingly modern libretto tackles conflicts between men and women, blacks and whites, rich and poor.
Victoria Adams' astonishingly useless efforts at being a TV interviewer apparently brought her close to blows with Naomi Campbell.
What a pleasure to handle, for a change, a beautiful book: Droz's handsome red covers, adorned this time with Verard's device in color; good quality paper and easily readable print, with astonishingly few errors; and over 80 black and white illustrations.
This horrible assault was, astonishingly, first reported as a robbery, but the overwhelming public reaction to it forced a recognition that hatred of Matthew's sexual orientation was the cause of the brutality that led to his death.
The title may or may not be ironic, for what is moving and incredible about Jordan's political vision is that, even as it describes a nearly apocalyptic world of brutality and ruin, it also points out that some of the problems are, indeed, due to "technical difficulties," and could be rectified by some astonishingly "simple" - and practical - means.
An examination of six passages where the Vatican is implied to have approved deletion of a masculine word (man, men or him), shows, astonishingly, that the Catholic Vulgate Latin Bible (rigorously faithful mirror of the original Greek) has no masculine word in the passage.
The special effects were the best I have seen in a TV production and Ted Danson was astonishingly convincing in the title role.
Nixon divulged the astonishingly patronizing view he takes of his countrymen: |The average American,' he said, |is just like the child in the family.
Introducing content of an astonishingly broad and up-to-date nature - prepared exclusively for the Handbook - this publication is an excellent source for accruing innovative modern tools and learning of prevailing market practices and conventions.
But Cornish's astonishingly empathic performance always stays directly connected to Heidi's troubled soul, and her yearning actually seems to protect her from the consequences of some very dire situations.